Thursday, November 24, 2005

COM: Blogarithmic #62

If you're a sucker for beautiful landscape photos you have to not only check out this amazing pic, but you need to cruise all over Blue Ridge Blog.

"8. House decorated with plush microbes to celebrate the pilgrims bringing diseases to the new world." From 11 Signs You're Having Thanksgiving Dinner with a Geek at

Looking for film clips of the Tasmanian Wolf? Of course you were . . .

Or perhaps you were interested in raising Goliath Beetles . . .

First American Idol now this . . .

And in the realm of endangered species getting in the way of housing projects -- fairies living under a rock stopped this one.

While most of us have given up on the Endangered Species doing any of its statutory duties, it appears that they will at least once in a while designate a huge cuddly glamor species -- such as this week's declaration of status for certain pods of Killer Whales. Well, now the administration can point to it and the Ivory-billed Woodpecker and say "See, we do have a heart!" Well, good news for the killers, although i'm a bit fuzzy on how you develop a recovery plan for them (perhaps toss baby seals overboard from cruise ships), but snarks for the feds on this one. Read about the whales here at Orcinus, who has a more charitable view of things.

This is weird. I am pining for tomorrow's game -- UT v. A&M. I want UT to win big. Okay, i know, you know, i'm an Aggie, so secretly i'd like the big upset. But for some odd reason what i'd like more is for UT to go into the Rose Bowl undefeated and win an undisputed National title. That, despite last year's Mack Brown campaign to sneak in the title race. This year, it ought to happen because i believe UT is, hands down, the best team in the nation. And Vince Young, IMHO, is the best player out there. Period. Both cases. So while i'll be rooting on the Maroon and White, and will shake my fist in disgust at what my school has done with the best coaches to come its way, and will moan with my fellow Ags, i'll also be pulling for them danged 'horns. Go both teams!

Thanks to Exploding Aardvark and Clicked.

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