Saturday, November 26, 2005

COM: Blogarithmic #63

Some words with power from WoodSong.

You'll see below, if you wander far enough, that both the High School teams i've been following made it past the third weekend of playoffs, and in huge fashion -- Smithson Valley/Go Rangers and Brad, and Highland Park/Go Scots and William and Ryan!

Start here at Invasive Species Weblog for a biological mystery of the worst kind.

Sad today to learn of the deaths of Pat Morita -- okay so Mr. Miyagi was just a character in a few movies, he still epitomized that idealized mentor we'd all like to have. And also the death of George Best, with Pele my first idol in what was to become my game. Sad that his life ended up as it did, though it was a choice he made and knew where he was headed.

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