Wednesday, November 30, 2005

COM: Blogarithmic #66

First, Tangled Bank #42 is up and running at dogged blog. Check out over 40 posts of the finest blogwriting on science topics. Outstanding! And if you have a hankering for bugs, remember that Circus of the Spineless #3 is also up and running.

Well, here's the best news i know today: Highland Park is in the state 4A football final four and will be playing in Denton at the University of North Texas at 2 p.m. on Saturday against several time state champ Stephenville for the chance to be in the state title game. Go William and Ryan!!!

P.s. William had an 18-yard reception last week against Ennis.

And Smithson Valley is now in the 5A final eight and takes on San Antonio Madison at Comalander Stadium at 1 on Saturday with the final four on the line. Go Brad!!!

Two weeks after i noted it here on milkriverblog, the local newspaper has finally picked up on the fact that Ingram Tom Moore's boys basketball team is ranked No. 1 in the state. And that's by three major polls, including the big daddy -- the State Coaches Poll. Nothing like a friendly albatross . . .

When da blues is good . . . the new shade of the suddenly classic Red/Blue States map from Daily Kos.

Signs of the Apocalypse #48229 -- arrested for riding a bus. Rosa would be proud. From

Followed quickly by #48230 -- what appears to be thrill-killing by government license. No civil human could be proud of this. As an American, i am disgusted and ashamed. We are, we have to be, above this. And yes, it's British, but it's our war. When will this nightmare end? Well it has, prematurely, for someone who probably understood better than any of us ever will.

My wonderful anonymous source sent me these pics, forwarded by email, as though these were real trucks. It would be most cool, however because trucks seem to be the same cab, and along the same stretch of road i suspect that these are actually entries in one of the Worth1000 Photoshop contests (like the one above). In any case, radically wonderful photos. If i were an exec at one of these companies i'd be checking these contests all the time for ideas. Click on the pictures to enlarge.

Thanks as always to Clicked.

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