Monday, November 14, 2005

COM: Googling Milk River

Time once again to look at the collection of search terms people are using to find us here. Sorry about the navel-gazing aspect of it -- i just think it's funny . . . and/or sick . . .

Most of them, no matter how goofy, are easy enough to figure what someone was looking for. But some defy explanation.

Here's the list of goodies since the last time i posted some.

the pandas are coming siffle and oli
zappers in mcallen
a string of searches for aerial photos of banks
[ho ho ho, think you'll get away with this?]
Cliff Chirping Frog Elimination [what's a little chirping . . . ?]
lubbock intellectual backwater
to the finland station
bergstrom bachelor dart funeral home
peer pressure for kids ages 8 to 12 animation
Maim Dophins roster players in 1982
scallops and sea otters wedding crashers
[must have been vewy scawy]
pictures of rampaging primates
[now these at a wedding might be vewy scawy]
Ivory billed Woodpecker with who did it what where when
[the Patriot Act Gone Wild]
bird and bedbug pics
taxidermied dog
[hmmmm, i can recommend a certain movie]
rosy wolfsnail government [these are vicious critters, why would we want them in government?]
belly dancer at Grover Norquist’s wedding
Mongolian Girls from Cirque du Soleil
sky dancers jade and slam love story
citrine D’Uccle
[D'Uccle is a breed of chicken i raise, but Citrine . . . ?]
Stephen Jay Gould Athletic Intelligence
Iraq weather terrain wildlife dangerous species dangerous animals insects spiders
[looking for an exemption?]
large bug flying California
[must take six legs to steer it . . .]
g string sex sandwiches
Environmental problems faced by Louisiana Cattle Operators
ivory bill gunshot Cornell
movie sets austin tx the brown toad
Sibley Missouri Hillbillies
nude zebra company ballet dance
dragonfly auditions in ohio
[auditions to be dragonflies; or auditions for dragonflies?]
where are the angry people [D.C.]
my inner freak blogspot wax pubic ralph
dangerous school fockers videoclip
just give me a little bick type of trees in cameron highland
sex milk brasil
photos of Mt. St. Hellion exploding
nemo on ice Amarillo cancelled (August)
free anax sex videos for beginners [they found my site because Anax is a genus of dragonfly; but i don't have the videos they're looking for]
pseudoscorpion sale
[looking for cheap mite predators?]
cow and monkey mascot for 40.oo
deuce bigalow male gigolo christian review nudity
sex attitudes of Micronesian men
norfolk va sex film production studio
key dates in the evolution of the horse
[in 1431 the first hoof was picked up by a Thoroughbred at a garage sale; in 1432 a Hackney working London invented horsehoes; by 1668 Draft horses discovered they could pass off much of the workload by mating with common donkeys, thereby producing mules; in 1669 a mule kicked a royal servant and draft horses were ordered back to work . . .]
gnat home remedies
naked discovery channel bums
[naked bums, nude homeless guys? oh, British bums . . . on Discovery?]


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