Sunday, November 27, 2005

COM: Meming with Movies

I sometimes get in discussions and get wild ideas for things to foist upon other people. This is one.

A couple months ago, in response to being tagged with a long, involved, personal meme, i hatched a meme-back. It resulted in some interesting answers, but those who answered, being quite memed-out, let it die.

One of the questions, and the one which i was most interested in, was about movies. Namely, what are five movies that are your life. Well, i had something specific in mind, but the question was interpreted differently by several people, which just added to the flavor of the whole thing.

Anyway, today i am starting another meme, although it's a very simple one. And i am doing something a bit different with it -- akin to what i did months ago with a book meme -- i'm compiling the answers into one long post -- this one. My idea is that if you're going to use your valuable time answering these things, there ultimately ought to be a use for the answers.

From a rather huge email list of blog owners that i've accumulated, i have written a mass email challenging everyone to post (at least) one movie title -- a film they have seen, that they think is wonderful, that they would watch over and over, but which is so obscure that the average person would not know it by name.

Now they can name as many as they would like, but i'm asking for only one. They name it in a post, and i'll check all the blogs and collect the nominees and compile a master list here. They also should challenge their readers to post one also, and then notify me so i can add them to the master list.

The end result is obvious i hope -- a list of great movies that you can take with you to the rental store to find some things you would otherwise not pick up.

So, enough talk. I'm going to start this off with several personal favorites.

And thanks to all the participating blogs!

Update: results are starting to come in. I should have mentioned before -- if you are a reader/visitor here -- that most of the fun (besides watching the movies) will be in reading the summaries and justifications each of the bloggers has posted at their sites. The link to the blogs below go straight to their movie postings -- so check 'em out, and then spend some time scouting around the rest of their sites.

Also, i'm linking films here to their IMdB page. Several of the nominating blogs link their movies to other sites, many of them far more extensive and enlightening than IMdB.

I'll be bumping this to the top at least through the weekend for ease of use.

[Update: We lost electricity over the weekend, and it was just restored Monday morning –- i'm working on catching up on a number of great posts on this meme -- i hope to be up to date late tonight sometime . . . and keep 'em coming!]

The final list is being continually updated and moved to the top of the blog . . .


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