Friday, November 25, 2005

ENV: Not-Really-a-Cat-Friday

While i was in Austin about a month ago i photographed a large caterpillar that i assumed to be a sphinx moth (Sphingidae) of some kind. It was not a caterpillar i was familiar with. Well i was finally able to identify it today as a Tersa Sphinx (Xylophanes tersa), a species i'd been hearing reports of lately through TX-Butterfly listserv. I have not yet seen an adult of this species. I was put on to the critter by someone else who was out photographing bugs. I'm sorry i didn't get his name . . . but thanks whoever you are/were. Because the bug was well up in the garden i could not get very close and so the photo suffers a bit from being distant.

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Tersa Sphinx, Xylophanes tersa
Zilker Botanical Garden, Austin, Texas
23 October 2005


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