Monday, November 14, 2005

ENV: Observations

Comanche Dancer, Argia barretti
TX: Kerr County, Rio Vista
14 November 2005 (new late date for Texas)

I made an attempt today (the 11th) to stretch the late date for Orange-striped Threadtails by about three weeks, but as i speculated earlier, i'm afraid the one night of barely freezing temps we had probably accounted for the end of their season.

I also found no Enallagmas today -- i'm now in search of these for a Dartmouth project. Those may also be at the tail end of their season and i'll have to wait until spring to flush them out.

There were some of the recent larger damsels that have been out in numbers.

Update: on 13 November 2005 i had a significant northward movement of American Snouts in NW San Antonio. There were a few Emperor sp. involved also, and i saw a couple of Monarchs and Pipevine Swallowtails, and one Black Swallowtail.

Update: November 14 -- photographed Comanche Dancer again today, perhaps the last as a cold front expected to dip us below freezing is due tomorrow. We'll see what happens after that.

Also tonight i can hear at least three, perhaps more, Coyotes from the office. They're yapping up a storm. Seems like it's been about a year since they came through last. The Axis bulls are in locomotive mode also -- snorting, blowing, and slapping antlers.

TX: Kerr County, Rio Vista 9 November 2005

1 Cloudless Sulphur
1 Checkered White

12 Smoky Rubyspot
20 American Rubyspot
20 Dusky Dancer
16 Comanche Dancer

4 Yellow-rumped Warbler

TX: Kerr County, Rio Vista 11 November 2005

2 Comanche Dancer (photos; new state late record by 5 days)

1 Black-tailed Jackrabbit

TX: Kerr County, Rio Vista 13 November 2005

1 Mexican Yellow (photos; second in county for me)

10 American Rubyspot (photos)
1 Smoky Rubyspot
2 Dusky Dancer (photos)
8 Comanche Dancer (photos; stretching the late date again)

2 Great Horned Owl

TX: Bexar County, NW San Antonio off 1604 13 November 2005

1 Black Swallowtail
2 Pipevine Swallowtail
400 American Snout
20 Emperor sp.
2 Monarch

2 Common Green Darner

TX: Kerr County, Rio Vista 14 November 2005

10 American Rubyspot (ph)
1 Smoky Rubyspot
4 Dusky Dancer
10 Comanche Dancer (ph; new late date)

3+ Coyote
40 Axis Deer
15 White-tailed Deer


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