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LNX: Arthropoda


Amy Stewart & Worms



Very Cool Bugs

Ryerson University+


Abbott's Odonates of Texas etc.

Mitchells & Lasswell's Dazzling Dragons

Westfall & May's Damsels of North America

Lasley's Texas Highways Odes

Caterpillars of U.S. Butterflies

Grasshoppers, Katydids & Crickets of the US

Covell's Revised Moths of the US

Revista Brasileira de Zoologia


Insect and Spider Collections of the World

Insects International


Rearing US Insects


Catalogue of Nearctic Asilidae

Key to the Eastern Asilid Genera

Hugh Raney's Texas Asilidae

Kansas Robber Flies

Giff Beaton's Georgia Robber Flies

Key to the Laphria of Arkansas

Steve Bullington's Laphriini

Fritz Geller-Grimm

Hugh Raney

Greg Lasley's Robber Flies


Checklist of North American Tachinids


Eastern North American Wasps

Bees of Florida

Sphecid Wasps of Michigan

Working List of Arkansas Pompilids

Catalogue of North American Ants

Antweb at Google


Mayfly Central

Mayflies of North America

Mayflies of Central America

North American Stonefly List


Orthopterists' Society

Orthoptera Species File Online

Orthoptera Species File Online

Grasshoppers of Colorado

Grasshoppers of Florida

Acrididae of Mississippi

Key to Wyoming Grasshoppers

Michigan Orthoptera

Field Guide to Western Grasshoppers

Singing Insects of North America

Tetrigidae of the World

Genus Gryllus



Bibliography of Phasmids and Mantids

North American Mantids

Phasmatodea of Brackenridge Lab


Bibliography of Phasmids and Mantids

North American Phasmids

Phasmatodea of Brackenridge Lab


Odonata Central*


Dragonfly Days*+

Digital Dragonflies*

Digital Dragonfly Museum*

Fermata Inc. South Texas Odonates*

Houston Area Odonates*

The Odonates of Kerr County, Texas**

The Odonates of Trinity County, Texas**

Williamson County, Texas Odonata

Claire and Mary Curry

James Robinson UTA

Omar Bocanegra

Mike Quinn's DD05 Rio Grande

Mike Quinn's DD05 Olmito

G. & J. Strickland's Louisiana Odonates

Dennis Paulson

Giff Beaton*

Joshua Stuart Rose

Chris Anderson, UCLA, Hetaerina*

Greg Grether, Behavioral Ecology

Chris Merkord's Peru and Missouri

G. & J. Strickland's Louisiana Odonates

Kathy Biggs' California Odonates*

Hawaiian Odonates

Odonates of Alaska

Detwiler & Miller's Southwest Odonates

Arizona Odonates

Palaemnema domina in Arizona

Nevada Dragonflies

Smithsonian New Mexico article

New Mexico Odonates

Dustin Huntington's New Mexico Odes

Dragonflies of the Southwest

Idaho Digital Atlas

Raphael Carter

Great Plains Odonates

Oregon Odonate Survey

Connecticut Odonate Records

Jim Bangma's New Jersey Odes*

Ed Lam's Northeast Damselflies

New York Leps and Odes

Massachusetts Odonates

Maine Odonates

Vermont Odonates

New Hampshire Odonates

The Ohio Odonata Society

Maryland and D.C. Odonates

Pennsylvania Odonates

Maryland Odonates

Maryland and Minnesota Odonates

West Virgina Odonates

North Carolina Odonates

Jeff's North Carolina Odes

Georgia Odonates

Dragonflies of Georgia

Iowa Odonates

Michigan Odonates

Michigan Odonata Survey


Michigan Odonotes Blog

Wisconsin Odonates

Mike Reese Wisconsin Damselflies

Northeastern Damselflies

Odonata-L Listserv

California Odes Discussion

Southwest Odes Discussion

Southeast Odes Discussion

Northeast Odes Discussion

Great Lakes Odes Discussion

Ontario Odonates

Ontario Odonate Atlas

Odonates of Eastern Canada

UK Odonates

Odonates of Hampshire and Surrey

European Odonates

Odonates of Europe

Czech Odonates

Erland Nielsen's Danish Dragonflies*

Finnish Odonates

Swedish Dragonflies

Thai Odonates

Malaysian Odonates

Odonata of Japan

Odes of Australia and New Zealand

Brisbane Odonates

Endangered Hines's Emerald

Hines's Emerald Recovery Plan

Hines's Emerald

Argia carlcooki

First Texas and US Phyllocycla

The Hawaiian genus Melagrion

Wandering Gliders

Dennis Paulson's Odonate Diversity

New World Synonymy

Bick and Mauffray's NA Anisoptera

Westfall & May's NW Zygoptera

North American Odonate Checklist

Checklist of World Odonates

Checklist of Mexican Odonates

Neotropical Odonates

Dragonfly Society of the Americas

International Odonata Research Institute

Worldwide Dragonfly Association

British Dragonfly Society

Worldwide Odonate Links

World Odonate Links

OdeNews Images


Sheryl Chacon's Odes for Beginners*

Beginner's Guide

Gloriamundi Press

Historical Odonatologists

International Dragonfly Fund

Cultural Odonatology


Urban Dragon Hunters Blog

New Odonate Publications**

Dragonfly Days 2005 Pictures**

Parthenogenic and Gay Damsels**

NYT Odonate Appreciation**

World Odonate Atlas Project**


Texas Butterflies*

The Lepidoptera of Kerr County, Texas**

Texas Butterfly Discussion

Southwest Lepidoptera Discussion

Randy Emmitt's Texas Butterflies

Texas and NE Mexico Butterflies

Texas Sphingidae

South Texas Sphingidae

Butterflies of Southeast Arizona

Moths of Southeast Arizona

Lepidoptera of the Southeastern US

Moths in a Connecticut yard

Eastern North American Moths

Butterflies of North America

The Stangeland's US Butterflies

North American Butterflies & Skippers

Moths of North America

North American Moth Images

Association for Tropical Lepidoptera

English Names of Mexican Butterflies

Interactive Listing of Mexican Butterflies

Saturniids of Mexico

Butterflies of Sonora, Mexico

Saturniids of the World (sub)

Saturniids of Prince Edward Island

Kirby Wolfe's Saturniids

Thibaud Decaens' Saturniids


Geometrinae -- Emeralds

Sphingids of the Americas

Sphingids of Prince Edward Island

Arctiid Caterpillars

Caterpillars (sub)

Monarch Watch

Gorodenski's Chlosyne lacinia

Neotropical Butterflies

Lepidoptera of Costa Rica

Tim Dyson's Night Moth Photos

The Lepidopterists' Society

The Texas Butterfly Festival

The Xerces Society

The Taxonomic Report Online

Internet Resources for Lepidopterists

Caterpillar host plant database

Caterpillars of Eastern Forests

Caterpillars of Northwest Forests

Caterpillar Identification US

Caterpillar Identification UK


U Connecticut Cicada Library


Beetle Photos

Giff Beaton's Beetles

Giff Beaton's Tiger Beetles

Cerambycidae of the W Palearctic

Cerambycidae of the Neotropics

Cerambycidae of Florida

Beetles of Cameron Co., Texas


Catalogue of Texas Spiders

Black Widow



The Crayfish Home Page


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