Tuesday, November 01, 2005

LNX: Hill Country Fauna


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Balcones Fault Zone Faunal Analysis

Edwards Aquifer Endangered Species

Endemic Plants in Kerr County

Endemic Plants in Real County

Endemic Plants in Bandera County

Endemic Plants in Kendall County

Endemic Plants in Gillespie County

Endemic Plants in Kimble County

Endemic Plants in Edwards County

*Texas Wild Rice

*Tobusch's Fishhook Cactus

*Scarlet Leatherflower

*Lacey Oak

*Amistad Oak

*Texas Mock-Orange

*Canyon Mock-Orange

*Blanco Crab-Apple

Bracted Twistflower

Basin Bellflower

*Texas Snowbells

*Moore's Toothsnail

*Graceful Toothsnail

*Tamaulipas Toothsnail

Leatherwood's Oldtoothsnail

Gray Bandsnail

*Cheatum's Snaggletoothsnail

*Moore's Toothsnail

Holzinger's Pupasnail

Similar Pupasnail

Oscar's Pupsnail

Little Pupsnail

*Edwards Plateau Mitre-Snail

*Anacacho Mountains Mitre-Snail

*Roemer's Mitre-Snail

*Texas Mitre-Snail

*Ragsdale's Cactus Snail

*Singley's Predatory Snail

*Comal Springsnail

False Spike

Texas Pimpleback

Golden Orb

Texas Fatmucket

Bee Creek Cave Harvestman

Bone Cave Harvestman

Cokendolpher's Cave Harvestman

Tooth Cave Pseudoscorpion

Tooth Cave Spider

Government Canyon Bat Cave Spider

Tooth Cave Spider

Madla Cave Meshweaver

Robber Baron Cave Meshweaver

Bracken Bat Cave Meshweaver

Government Canyon Bat Cave Meshweaver

*Black Rock Scorpion

Peck's Cave Amphipod

Texas Crayfish

Uhler's Virtuoso Katydid

*Walking Thread-legged Katydid

*Spoon-tail Short-winged Katydid

Seever's Short-winged Katydid

*Truncated True Katydid

Daedalus Shieldback Katydid

Mitchell's Shieldback Katydid

Tooth Cave Ground Beetle

Tooth Cave Ground Beetle

Helotes Mold Beetle

Comal Springs Dryopid Beetle

Comal Springs Riffle Beetle

Exiled Ground Beetle

Infernal Ground Beetle

Kretschmarr Cave Mold Beetle

Coffin Cave Mold Beetle

Peigler's Buckmoth*

Sage Sphinx

Belfrage's Notodontid

San Benito Notodontid

Secession Notodontid

Furtive Notodontid

Lacey's Scrub-Hairstreak

Rawson's Metalmark

Arogos Skipper

Manfreda Giant-Skipper

Allen's Baetid Mayfly

Futile Mayfly

Distinct Mayfly

Morihari Mayfly

Arwin's Mayfly

Plateau Needlefly

*Orange-striped Threadtail

*Coral-fronted Threadtail

*Comanche Dancer

*Leonora's Dancer

*Coppery Dancer

*Neotropical Bluet

*Blue-faced Ringtail

*Ivory-striped Sylph

Jade-striped Sylph

Red-fronted Dragonlet

Narrow-winged Skimmer

Flame-tailed Pondhawk

*Carmine Skimmer

*Filigree Skimmer

*Fountain Darter

*Devil's River Minnow

*San Marcos Gambusia

Clear Creek Gambusia

*Guadalupe Bass

Kerr County Herpetofauna

*Eastern Barking Frog

*Cliff Chirping Frog

*Houston Toad

The Salamander Wars

The Central Texas Aquatic Salamanders

*salamander no. 7

Cascade Caverns Salamander

*Texas Salamander

Valdina Farms Salamander

*San Marcos Salamander

San Marcos Salamander

Fern Bank Salamander

Barton Springs Salamander

Barton Springs Salamander

*Comal Blind Salamander

Blanco Blind Salamander

*Texas Blind Salamander

*Texas Blind Salamander

White-throated Salamander

*Guadalupe Spiny Softshell Turtle

*Cagle's Map Turtle

*Texas Map Turtle

*Texas Slider

*Zug's River Cooter

*Texas Alligator Lizard

*Gray-banded Kingsnake

*Girard's Whipsnake

*Baird's Ratsnake

*Zone-tailed Hawk

*Green Kingfisher

*Black-capped Vireo

*Black-capped Vireo

*Gray Vireo

*Golden-cheeked Warbler

*Golden-cheeked Warbler

*Edwards Plateau Pocket Gopher

*Edwards Plateau Fox Squirrel


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