Saturday, November 05, 2005

NAM: Austin PowWow Pics

It's the world's largest one-day PowWow, and it's a school district, Austin's, that puts it on. Which makes it, all in all, a pretty fascinating event. There must have been in the neighborhood of a hundred vendors, an all-time record number of competitive dancers, and i can say after attending for 12 of the 14 years, the largest crowd ever. In fact, i think it's outgrown the facility. We arrived at first grand entry and the parking lot was already full. The stands were full throughout, and the poor security folks had a headache with fire code stuff. Still, it was an amazing array of humanity, plus a lot of good old Austin weird.

Some will know that The Extra Mile has been stalled by my inability to find one of the original participants (plus my lack of one of the needed other participants). When my "lost" kid didn't show up to grass dance today, it was obvious i had to make another choice. Thanks to Clifton Fifer, who was on today's trip with me, i met a very nice couple and their son from Round Rock, and he's agreed to do the new segment. So i'll be working on getting that interview lined up, and maybe i can wrap this one in the spring.

Here's some pics i played with from today . . .


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