Thursday, December 01, 2005

COM: Blog Against Racism Day

Thanks to the foresight and tenacity of Chris Clarke at Creek Running North, today we participate in Blog Against Racism Day. As i predicted when i first knew of this, i have little to add that has not already been said, in much clearer and forceful words, elsewhere. With that in mind, i'm going to collect links here to outstanding posts i find on the subject around the net first (especially at Creek), and maybe later add some thoughts. And thinking is what we really ought to be doing today anyway.

First and foremost i must link to the leading writers on the web who make it their daily mission to battle this vilest of human scourges. I will later post some links to individual posts on these blogs, but someone with an interest in becoming deeply knowledgable will want to peruse these sites beginning to end.

They are:

David Neiwert at Orcinus
and with others at Peacefile

And be sure to visit founder Chris at Creek Running North in posts here and here.

Thanks to a suggestion by Bora Zivkovic at Science & Politics i'll be working on a special edition of blogarithmicly just to cover today.

It's up! The 4th edition of blogarithmicly has been posted here.

Thanks to Slant Truth we know of another link compilation at Satellite Heart. And take a look at Technorati as well.

Now here is a collection of some posts, some from the past year, some posted for today, that offer enlightenment (and thanks to Chris for the initial compilation). The largest compilation, and the place you should look for updates and complete info is at Creek Running North.

One, Two, Three, Four from Elissa Feit at unabashedly pc.

From Devious Diva at This is Not my Country.

From Dharma Bums.

From Bora Zivkovic at Science & Politics.

From Joy.

From Diptych.

From nina turns 40.

From Legal Fiction (thanks to Bora).

From Bella Sultane at Commeo.

From Magnus Animus at Commeo.

From pinklaura at la fabulosa.

From The Rock Bitch.

From 10,000 Birds.

From Nothing Under the Sun.

From The Primate Journal (with several posts).

From Angus at Brooklynite.

From Mel's Diner.

From Quoth the Raven.

From Pam Spaulding at Pandagon and Pam's House Blend.

A cartoon at Via Negativa.

From Inside my Head.

From Quod She.

From Bumblebee Sweet Potato.

From Welcome to the Nuthouse.

From Pinko Feminist Hellcat.

From delanybird.

From this too.

From norbizness.

From a cat and twenty.

From Clintster's so-called life.

From badgerbag.

From The Fat Lady Sings and results of a question.

From This Space for Rent.

From If I Ran the Zoo.

From My Amusement Park.

From a Typical Joe.

From Smart Bitches Who Love Trashy Novels.

From greengabbro.

From Philosophy, Computers and Bad Writing.

From a k8, a cat, a mission.

From Shakespeare's Sister.

From Hungry Hyaena.

From batchfile.

From Orange Tangerine.

From Arbusto de Mendacity.

From Night Bird's Fountain.

From Raznor's Rants.

From Hughes for America.

From A Chicken is not Pillage.

From The Galloping Beaver

From Egotistical Whining.

From Happening Here.

From Deborah Lipp.

From Backseat driving.

From Heo Cwaeth.

From Professor Kim's News Notes.

From The World According to Pooh.

From Lawyers, Guns and Money.

From Slant Truth.

From Amanda Marcotte at Pandagon.

From Siris.

And from Orcinus.

First, dare i make a disclaimer . . . i don't necessarily agree with everything posted above, but there are thoughtful conjectures in each, and i'm not one to stifle the debate, though i will stifle morons (if only to save pixels).

And for my own contribution, i will direct readers to a couple of stories/letters i wrote in the last few years. The first is a story written a couple of months after 9/11. It deals with identity and subliminally with racism -- those things about race that we use to make assumptions, and in that way reminds me somewhat of the post at nina turns 40 (see above). I've long wanted to fine tune this story -- i can never leave anything alone, even after it's published -- by adding a couple of words that got left out that change meaning a hair's-breadth, and perhaps adding some clarifying thoughts. So, maybe i'll reprint it here or at vignettes&vendettas, my writing blog, later today. Anyway, if you're still reading this after absorbing all that wonderful thought-provocation above, then it's the story Pissing off Jimmy Santiago Baca at Toasted-Cheese Literary Journal. The second piece is a letter/essay i wrote after witnessing a disturbing event on the streets of Austin last year. It is posted here at the Texas Civil Rights Review. And i had forgotten about this post-Oscars post until i ran ran it across it later looking for something else.-- tg

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