Saturday, December 03, 2005

COM: Blogarithmic #68

BOOM! It's Highland Park over Stephenville 41-38. It must have been a fantastic game. State Championship time! Let you know more when i find out the details.

Taylor Overbey hit me with an email today. He sounds like he's doing great, his back's in good shape and he's pumped for baseball season coming up.

Daniel Miro wrote too a few days back -- his football season is over and he's doing lacrosse now, getting ready for tournaments.

BOOM again! Smithson Valley stomped Madison 50-20 to make it to the final four! It's going to be tough to see all the games i want to now.

And it's UT vs. USC in the Rose Bowl for Everything!

It's chilling down here, but i was reminded of a series of pictures Graham sent me last week from Syracuse. Think i'll grumble to myself about the cold, lest i wish this (below) on myself.

One of the things that has gone by the wayside recently is announcements of great new websites, blogs and blog projects. I want to clear that up now.

First is a new project from the wonderfully creative and prolific Science Creative Quarterly (more like daily) folks -- Terry, a web project focusing on Global Issues. Check it out now before the intro slides into archives and be sure to go back on regular basis.

Next is a marriage of two things we hold dear here -- podcasts and the natural world. BeakSpeak has already collected a wonderful array of titles ready for your listening pleasure here.

On the other end of the sound spectrum, if you'd like to vote on the worst sounds in the world, you can, really, here.

And TroutGrrrl at Science and Sarcasm has hooked us seriously on a music/film algorithm mapping site called LivePlasma. If you're a shopper and know someone's taste this presumably may help you surprise someone with something they'd really like but not expect.

And perhaps some sense is returning to the country about the lunacy of ID. Archived.

And then someone comes along and blows it. Archived.

It's old news now but check out this pre-game story about the HP-Stephenville matchup.

[i've lost it and i'm still trying to relocate it . . . well it's gone, but above i've reprinted a game story that tells a bit more.]

From the US Men's National Team Players Association:
Barcelona and Brazil playmaker Ronaldinho was named 2005 European Footballer of the Year on Monday.

Kenya's national team have gone on strike and refused to depart for the East and Central African Senior Challenge Cup in neighbouring Rwanda, Kenyan newspapers reported on Saturday.

And a George Best tribute.

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