Monday, December 05, 2005

COM: Blogarithmic #69

Leatrice Nixon, one of my favorite young ladies in the whole world, and House Manager at The Point Theatre, yanked me aside last night at The Christmas Carol and asked me to do something. It was actually a repeat of a request she'd made several months ago -- that i take a program note i'd written several years ago for The Point about theatre etiquette, shape it up a bit and send it to the local newspapers.

I did go find the original and posted it here, but i have yet to gussy it up for publication. But based on her request, the hell i endured at Cailloux for M*A*S*H, an annoyance at A Christmas Carol, and tonight's silliness at Rent, i think i'm going to jump to it.

As i said in tonight's review, i think maybe the slump in movie attendance may have something to do with how unpleasant even a movie theatre experience has become. So, it's time to write.

I ought to mention a not-funny/funny story that kind of led to this. During the summer, audience members had to wait for a performance to begin for a rather unusual situation. Those of you who don't know The Point Theatre should know this first: it's called the point because it sits on a little peninsula that juts into the Guadalupe River at its junction with Johnson Creek. It's an outdoor community theatre seating 600, and has an incredible backdrop of the river and extensive woodlands on the far bank. Well this summer, everyone had to sit and watch flashing lights for a while as local law enforcement recoverd a body from the river just below the theatre. And it wasn't even a part of the show.

Suzanne Farrell honored at Kennedy Center Awards.

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