Tuesday, December 06, 2005

COM: Blogarithmic #70

We had our first serious freeze last night, with under-32 temps for 11 hours, reaching down to 21 for a couple of hours -- while it's supposed to warm today, Thursday predictions are for an even deeper freeze.

I bring this up because my first indication of how hard the freeze was happened just a few minutes ago as i noticed leaves falling from the trees. Now hundreds/thousands are falling, creating some odd shadows in the office. And not the tiniest of breezes is blowing. Instead the water remaining in the joints between leaf petioles and stems froze overnight, and the expansion of water forced the petiole off the stem, though it remained connected by the ice. Now that the sun is out and the ice thawing, the leaves fall as their last connection dissolves.

Update: At 10:20, a wind blew through and a few trees i could see were stripped of virtually everything like big puffs of smoke. Suddenly the hillside which has gradually faded in the last week from deep bright reds and yellows to various shades of yellow and brown now looks very bare.

Back on movies, after things had slowed down quite a bit, i sorta finalized my list of obscure movies, announced its finality online and in an email, and made available a printable list of the nominees. Now it appears that there is a resurgence, as Bora at Science And Politics riffed on the idea and a post came to light at polymania. Both are excellent lists and i don't want them left out. There is something of a problem however. Blogger bogs down badly after it reaches a certain length and the last couple dozen additions i made to the long list took ten minutes or so apiece -- and was a quite frustrating experience.

So, what i'm going to do is to post anew the links to any new posts i come across, and a simple list of recommended movies (coming up pretty quickly). But i am going to add all their choices to the printable list, which is easy enough to add to. So, if you want a one-document shopping list, email me and i'll drop you a copy.

I was going through archives of the Online Film Critics Society and found a list compiled by vote of the members of the Top 100 Overlooked Films of the 1990s. My Obscure Film compilation (and see here also) had no time-restraints, but it's still interesting that 11 films appear on both lists. The OFC list reminded me of a couple others i would have put on the original list -- so if i do, those numbers don't count in my comparison. The others i could have listed would be: Waiting for Guffman and The Adventures of Priscilla Queen of the Desert.

Of course, there are quite a few things on the final list that i strongly agree with. If i didn't list them myself, it's generally because either a) i didn't consider them obscure (though others obviously have), or b) i was trying to limit my own list to just a few. But even so, i find myself enamored of quite a few of the other selections and am glad someone else nominated them.

One of the things i notice frequently is how folks are so interested in finding out how many films they've seen on a list. I guess i am too, though i hadn't taken much to counting them. But with several lists in front of me i started doing just that. So, for the record if you will, off my Obscure Movie Meme list i have seen 46/229; off the Top 100 Overlooked Films of the 1990s i've seen a whopping 8; and off the Online Film Critics Society's Top 100 Animated Films of All Time i've seen 28 -- interestingly enough i've seen 24 of the top 50, but only 4 of the last 50 (and this is interesting to me, because i don't much care for animation, at least until the recent Pixar vehicles).

Cool stuff

A mapping project that locates where fans of different pro sports and college football call home.

And i found this on a blog, thought it was funny, copied it, and then got involved in something else, and i can't figure out where i found it . . .

Oh well, it was labelled "Do Something Brave (and then run) Day"

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