Thursday, December 08, 2005

COM: Blogarithmic #72

Excitement lately!

Well, it's now been below freezing for 24 hours now. The low last night was 23, not quite the 19 they predicted, but wind-chill made it seem like 5! Unfortunately it's clearing now -- which means a slightly warmer afternoon, but they've changed tonight's predicted low from 26 to 14. I was thinking the Yucatan looked mighty fine right now. Supposedly by the end of the weekend we'll be back to the mid-60s. We'll see.

The 12th I and the Bird blog carnival has been posted and it completely slipped right by me. I've got to pay better attention. Not that i had anything ready to go, but i usually have some nominees. Not that they needed me by any stretch. Indeed, this is probably the largest ever, and there are a bunch of new contributors. That part is especially good news. And David Ringer at Search and Serendipity has done an excellent literary workup of the dozens of posts. There's a lot of great holiday reading there. And i've always been jealous of the Fairy Tern logo he has at the top of his very tasteful blog.

Also, Circadiana has the 23rd version of the Carnival of the Skeptics. You can find this gem here.

For some reason I'm just now discovering the John Abbott has his own photography site with some dandy photos, including a series of the new Lucanid beetle discovered out in the sand dune country. Very cool.

And, if you're into Lepidoptera and haven't heard the news, check out the new U.S. records a few posts down the page here. Things were hoppin' in the Valley before the cold front.

Just proofed the galleys for my Ode article -- things happen fast in the digital age. The citation will be:

Gallucci, Tony. 2006. The Odonata of Kerr County and the Guadalupe River System of Texas. The Dragonflies & Damselflies (Odonata) of Texas 1:19-23.

The publication is Dr. John Abbott's new baby and is due out next year. Meanwhile he, Greg Lasley and Nick Donnelly are headed off to Africa in January to look for bugs.

Just got word today that the long awaited Birds of Houston, Galveston and the Upper Texas Coast has gone to press and is due out in 2006 also. Word's from Bob Behrstock, one of the authors. If i recall correctly the other authors are Ted Eubanks and Jim Morgan. Apologies if i missed anyone there.

From the delicious decorabilia:

Then we have time to chat. You see, we deal here with fundamental
differences in the way we view the world which I believe are rigidly fixed in
our genome or, if I may use the term, "prescribed." I know that doen't sound
right but I have no other explanation. There is also the problem of pride. Does
anyone really expect those who have dedicated their professional lives to a
phantom to easily come to grips with just that?
Read the script here.

Kurt Vonnegut on The Daily Show talking about impending democracy in Iraq.

"After 100 years of democracy you have to let your slaves go. Then
after 150 years of democracy you have to let your women vote. And at the
beginning of democracy a lot of genocide and ethnic cleansing is okay. That's
what's going on over there now."
Brain cells suspended in liquid piloting fighter jet simulators. You have to read it.

Here's a different angle on the politics of change. From a Roguish Chrestomathy.

And a fascinating look at a family year by year from Zone Zero.

Thanks to Will at Clicked and PZ Myers at Pharyngula.

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