Saturday, December 10, 2005

COM: Blogarithmic #74

It's all over.
Highland Park STATE CHAMPIONS 59-0!
Congrats Will and Ryan!

Here's cool. I'm blogging from out of town. Thought i would since i've just gotten news of the deaths of both Eugene McCarthy and Richard Pryor. Appending a McCarthy piece in a minute. No word yet on Pryor.

I'm also going to try to blog the HP game, but right now the links for that are down.

Here we go: HP had to punt for the first time in three games. The result? A 55-yarder by Stafford into the endzone. The punt itself was of little consequence as, in the first quarter, HP leads 21-0 and has a 183-13 yard advantage in total offense. Go Scots!

The first play from scrimmage for HP was a 61-yard touchdown. Marshall folks may already be starting the long drive home.

HP opens the second quarter with another touchdown. All four touchdowns have been scored by Jake Feldt.

It's halftime -- HP 42-0!

While it's break time i'd like to thank the Dallas Morning News for setting up a live blog of the game, then a) reserving a server that couldn't handle the traffic, and b) blogging about one sentence every thirty minutes. I don't guess they've caught on to the power of blogging yet -- it was justa cute promotional trick.

P.s. No word yet on the SV-Katy game.

Whoa! Even better, i found the game broadcast live online. I'll do a better job live-blogging than the livebloggers!

Okay, not good news. Katy beat SV 17-14 in the 5A semifinals.

Second half kickoff about to go.

John Dickenson with a 40+ KO return. First play from scrimmage is a Cam Lewis throwback to Stafford. Just broken up.

Marshall had 6 yards total offense in the first half.

John Dickenson with a catch, but a blitz resulted in a frustration hit on Stafford, and a roughing the passer penalty.

Charlie Dickenson catches one to the 10. William Lawson checks in as a fifth receiver!

HP goes with the Field Goal attempt -- good by Bonnano -- HP 45-0.

Well, i had to step out for a minute, and missed an HP series. But they had a dynamite punt to end it, pinning Marshall on the five. Hope i didn't miss a big play by William.

Defense is on though now and i'll be watching for Ryan Ross.

Oops, HP just intercepted at their own 38.

Senior Jake Feldt is pounding away on the ground. Announcers indicate that the entire first team is still in the game.

Dallas Morning News columnist just described Stafford's performance as "so-so" in only his second post of the second half.

Carroll on two straight runs, now down to the 5.

Now Feldt to the 1. Under two minutes in the third quarter.

Two tries by Stafford and Carroll to punch it in fail.

Now Carroll is in. Clayton Thomas PAT. HP 52-0!

The Third quarter ends on another failed Marshall series. Announcers are commenting on the exodus of Marshall fans. Not trying to rub it in, but Marshall has seen its day as well, being a longtime east Texas powerhouse. You'll remember the part they played in Friday Night Lights.

John Dickenson returns the punt 48 yards for a touchdown on the punt that started the fourth quarter. It was a stunning run. And if you don't know this, he's not a huge guy, and it was quite a sight seeing him with a bunch of big'uns in pursuit.

PAT good by Thomas -- HP 59-0.

Here's the highlight of DMN blog coverage: "HP is two points shy of the record for points in an 11-man UIL football state championship game. Terrell routed Yoakum, 61-13, in the 1952 2A title game." Hmmmm.

After a big penalty, Carroll just keeps on running and sets the Scots up on their own 45. Then it's Jake Feldt for a big 7, but it's coming back on a penalty.

A Marshall frustration penalty and ejection. Jake Feldt comes out to big ovation.

HP Quaterback Matthew Stafford is considered the #2 recruit in the state, all positions. But he's also ranked the #1 quarterback recruit in the nation. He's already committed to Georgia.

Matthew Stafford out to a standing ovation. Way to end a great career.

Lots of new folks in. I suspect William's in.

Carroll out to a big O.

1st Team Defense is out on the field now, and will come out to big Os also.

Back on Offense, William Webb takes the Scots inside the 35. O'Dwyer then pops it inside the 30.

Another first down. They may score again, making the DMN blog prescient.

Classy ballclub. No effort to put more points up.

It's all over.
Highland Park STATE CHAMPIONS 59-0!
Congrats Will and Ryan!

SMU Coach Phil Bennett's son is the center for HP.

Apparently there was quite a hoohah over tickets to the HP game this week, with huge numbers of fans of both teams left out in the cold. But stadiums to hold enough folks are pretty well limited to the Dallas area, unless one goes way out of the way. Anyway, tickets for the game were going on eBay for up to $120 a seat. Then they decided to televise the game, and prices dropped way off.

Trinity beat Converse Judson for the 5A-D1 title.

The second-ranked UT basketball team didn't fare so well today, getting splattered by Duke 97-66.

Since i'm stuck here for most of the night apparently, it looks like we'll go out to a movie sometime during one of the downtimes. There's a lot of things i'd like to see and could take advantage of here, but i suspect we're looking at lighter fare. Probably something like The Chronicles of Narnia is on the menu.

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