Thursday, December 15, 2005

COM: Blogarithmic #76

Thomas Boydston has been accepted as a participant at the 2006 World Scholar-Athlete Games! Congratualtions Thomas!!!

Well, it's officially that time of year when folks start showing up in town, back to visit, or back from school. Plus i manage to see a lot more folks than usual 'cause i get into town more. The last few days have been especially good, with a number of good folks around.

Vienna Catalani was in town, which is to say Hunt, and called and chatted for quite a while, mostly about film and camp. And then i got a cool Christmas Card from her. She's a reindeer.

At Hastings i saw Bryan Sheriff and his wife, and their oldest boy (i am old) and another on the way.

Monday at a camp meeting i saw James Eastland, Cody Schrank, and Dick and Tweetie Eastland, and a whole host of camp people.

Tonight at rehearsal Ryan King and John Ferguson showed up to watcha nd say hello. Mighty good to see them back in town. Waiting for Jonah to get into town and we'll probably do a bit of recording around here.

Meanwhile i saw Reagan Michel again in Ingram, this time at Taqueria Jalisco.

And Sancho Morriss and Michael Hawkins are both back in town for the holidays.

Maryland beat New Mexico 1-0 for the NCAA Men's Soccer Championship. In the Women's College Cup Final, hosted by Texas A&M, it was Portland 4-0 over UCLA for the title.

On the ugly side skippy the bush kangaroo (who is not ugly, it's the news that's ugly) recounts two stories -- what looks like a drunken bit of racism from someone who didn't expect to become a national story; and another in a long line of heavy-handed spin-control gestures by the minions of the M-i-C on Kyoto.

I once had the pleasure of spending a week with the president of Coca-Cola Mexico at his private hacienda. From that came a lot of discussions on myriad subjects, but my favorite was the one about the old cocaine in coke story. Someday i'll write about that. Perhaps after El Presidente retires from his current post. In the meantime i'm about to invoke lividity with the parent company in the US. In the years since the New Coke disaster, i have never been won fully back into the fold as an absolute fan of the only thing i drink. I'm always wary, always keeping a sidelong glance ready. I do not trust them. So, it looks like they're going to reward my distrust with the biggest fiasco since New Coke. You see, i hear that they have discontinued Vanilla Coke -- my new "only" drink. And i'm ticked. While i hoped that Cherry Coke would match the quality of its fountain counterpart it never really came close, but Vanilla Coke did, and it's addictive. At least for me it is, and now it appears to be going. All i've got to say is that the new Black Cherry Vanilla Coke better be out-of-this-galaxy or i'm going to be leading the publicly treasonous hordes.

Here's the Wikipedia description, and one, two articles from MSNBC:

"On November 4, 2005, the Cola-Cola Company announced that Vanilla Coke and its diet counterpart will be phased out in North America by the end of 2005. One day earlier, on November 3, the company announced that Vanilla Coke and its diet counterpart would be discontinued in the United Kingdom by early 2006. Coca-Cola said it plans to introduce Black Cherry Vanilla Coke and Diet Black Cherry Vanilla Coke in North America in January 2006. The company said Vanilla Coke and Diet Vanilla Coke may be made available again in the future."

I was stunned Sunday, after a couple of weeks of sometimes days-long freezing temps, to find adult and instar Boxelder Bugs, Boisea trivitattus, emerging en masse from below our two Boxelder Maples (Acer negundo). Normally that's a first really warm day of spring through mid-summer kind of thing. But, in this year of late and many fantastic bugs, what's a little beetle activity after a freeze? Here's a look at their life history.

And almost as shocking was an American Snout fluttering by at The Dam Store, and a Checkered White at Rio Vista on Tuesday, and bees swarming on Wednesday.

Now that we've got a surf store in Ingram, i guess the price of a good board will skyrocket since the sole foam manufacturer has bit the dust. There's a nice new article in today's West Kerr Current about the store.

Also in the paper today is a cover article about the Lakota artist George Eagle Horse opening a store on old Ingram Loop. What's most interesting is that he and his wife are raising their three sons in the traditional way. The picture immediately caught my eye because i recognized the two older boys. Clifton Fifer and i had picked them out as wearing more staidly traditional regalia at this year's Austin PowWow and i knew that i had not seen them dance there before. They are in film i took of a The Extra Mile performer.

photos by John Schmid and Irene Van Winkle

Here's a cool site, said the gramophone, that offers a range of downloadable mp3s, including a selection the author deems the best of the year.

Here's one of those goofy cases where a failure to self-police behavior has resulted in a lot of folks paying the penalty for a brazen few. I'll always be at the head of the line for breaking down taboos and barriers, but some exist for the benefit of society and we often fail to perceive those in time to prevent backlashes. Prom night is one of those things that has gotten unnecessarily out of hand, and i place the blame squarely in the hands of desperate and pathetic parents who, having no life of their own, have to rise to the pretense of being cool by providing kids with alcohol, booking hotel rooms, and generally licensing decadence. I watched this first hand as a coach. Watched it wreck my career when i fought for civility and then was sidelined while a kid died. That was the price that one year. And i got out. To this day i've not figured out why it's such a battle to do what's right. I guess i never will.

Here's a link to an organization dedicated to Preservation of Przewalski's Horse (check out my Friday post about wild equids).

Here's one, two links to sites that feature panoramic photos, and a third of chopper panoramas. Very cool.

If you missed it before, here is a compilation of 2005 Year-end Best of Lists. It's at Fimoculous, worth checking out anyway. I'm working on my own lists for this year -- coming soon.

Thanks to Clicked, skippy the bush kangaroo, Pharyngula and the U.S. Men's National Team Players Association.

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