Saturday, December 17, 2005

COM: Blogarithmic #77

Lillian Beaudoin got accepted to NYU!!!

Congrats Lillian!

She was a bit bummed/nervous yesterday at rehearsal because she was supposed to hear from them, but things hadn't worked out for her to get the letter. But i just heard she's in and that's fantastic. I'd bet she's having a primo day today!

She auditioned early this month, flying up there for an audition with the Tisch School of the Arts. It obviously paid off.

Now, once again in my long string of kudos/raves about the quality of small-town Ingram's theater program and the destinies of its kids -- there's Lillian probably going to Tisch, Whitney Wilson with a range of choices already, and auditioning again in January, and Jonah Priour already starring at Harvard. You've got to wonder at the ability of Holly, Marie and Roy to inspire and push these kids to their best.

And of course, if you add self-made actor Graham Douglass at Syracuse into the mix, and Jeff Scott a Texas Tech Theatre graduate student, the area's getting quite a rep for producing talent. A family tree of local talent gone big-time might trace all the way back to Tommy Tune in the 60s, but most of the talent has gone forth in the last 15 years and would have to include Travis Newman, Lindsey Priour, and more, i'm sure, that i'm failing to connect with right now.

I'm having a bit of a patience problem waiting to see what all are capable of doing with their futures.

Went to see The Family Stone and King Kong tonight (reviews coming up) and got to see Kamron Farhoudi, Patrick Prout, Grady Douglass and Ryan Moss in town. Visited with Michael Hawkins today too for the first time since he's been back from school. The boy has a beard -- my hair fell out.

I'll be doing something for Clifton Fifer's Christmas in the Hills thing at Kerrville-Schreiner Park tomorrow. It's gonna be cold!

Update: Well it wasn't so cold after all, and the sleet/snow held off and we had a wonderful night out at the park. D.R. was back and led a bunch of kids in traditional African-American dance, while Darlene Karthauser had about 40 kids from her high school classes doing Mexican traditional dances. The Middle School band was serenading everyone with Christmas Carols. There were also demonstrations of traditional crafts, music and cooking from Germany, Finland, the Netherlands, Frontier America and Canada. It was, in a phrase, a big success. Thanks to Clifton Fifer for once again producing something the whole community can be proud of.

Among those present were Bing Vanderkam (with his family) and Durrell Grisebaum (playing trombone in the band). Also Paula Mitchell and Janda Castillo, and sons of the Karthausers, Grant Palmer and Brian Young.

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