Monday, December 19, 2005

COM: Blogarithmic #78

The M-i-C has some 'splainin' to do. And if he expects us to believe that he can drop blame on the NYT for his ethical vacuum and become the new teflon exec, there's a new majority who won't buy it. Does anyone else sense the inevitability of a new scandal from now on each time the poll numbers advance a fraction? I suspect there are dozens of things waiting on queue to burst out for every faux-sincere speech that emanates from the White House. Why? Even conservatives are beginning to fear what lies ahead. It will be delicious. But i don't know if the country can survive three more years of this "god-damned piece of paper"-destroying garbage.

Want a piece of evidence for sea change? I live in quite possibly the densest enclave of extreme conservatives in the state of Texas. The other Democrat in the county and i can't even wave to each other in public here without attracting the attention of law enforcement (jk). But elections here have often ranged in the high 80th and 90th percentile for Republicans in state and national elections, and that kind of conservative numbers on any partisan resolution or amendment issue. I can't remember the last Democrat on a local ballot here (unless you count a couple of Dems who became Republicans long ago in order to run).

Stage set? This week the local newspaper ran a poll asking folks whether the M-i-C was doing a good job or a bad job -- the question was that simple. The results? 48% good, 52% bad. I was/am stunned. For that kind of result, scientific or not (and it wasn't), means a radical change in the way things are viewed around here. I haven't seen a Bush sticker on a car around here in months -- and they lingered long after the election. Pride is being swallowed by the bucketful here, and it's likely going down hard. The good news, i think, is that people are waking up. Does that bode well for future elections? Yes and no. I'm not of the opinion yet that there will be a party change -- the Dems can't seem to come together despite having the best platform by a mile (would that they actually could set aside greed long enough to actually believe in something . . .) -- but i do think that the ultra-conservative fundamentalist ignoramus wing of the Republican party is doomed.

Had a wonderful Christmas Dinner at the Cearley's last night. Along with Jon and Marie and Marie's mom, Holly Riedel, Roy Burney, Boyd and Jeri Etheridge and Jeff Scott were all present. The food was sublime, and the conversation wide-ranging, gossipy, and more than a bit fun. We're out to change the world . . . ha! At least we agree on what needs change.

Because of the ridiculous stinginess of i've had to prematurely move some posts to the archives. They include these (if you been back looking and can't find them): Articles one and two on the decline in movie attendance, the Cambodian flutist reminiscent of the ITM OAP Playing for Time, and obituaries for William Proxmire and Jack Anderson. More are likely to be moved in the next few days and i'll continue to post archived links.

For those who need to learn to dance real quick for some Christmas party or something, here's a site that will teach you just that and you'll be out doing the very newest, coolest, hippest moves available (apparently). For those who want to know, i'll be waiting for the next new thing rather than be seen in public doing these.

It's time for nominations for the Koufax Awards. Make yours here. [Or at least begin there, there are now several threads for nominations and you'll have to locate the most recent one.] And speaking of the Koufaxes i've been running through the nominations looking for new things and have already added about thirty new blogs to my blogroll. The best part of this is that, despite the blogarithmicality of the blogosphere, there always a new perspective, some lovely new writing, and/or something way out of the box out there.

One of those found things is this post, after which you must read the commentary for a full appreciation.

On the heels of the acceptance of my Odes paper to John Abbott's new journal, i was notified of a couple more pubs upcoming. Two of my vignettes, Waiting to Deliver and My Radiant Sin, have been accepted for publication as Saturday poems at The Middlewesterner. What's particularly gratifying is that i consider these two of my better pieces, certainly the two best unpublished, but they have been ignored by publishers who always seemed to want something to come full circle -- to have a plot as it were. These pieces merely sandwich time and freeze a moment. But i like them for that very reason. Now someone has picked them for distribution and i hope that means they really liked them as well. The publication date is 29 July 2006.

The Annie Proulx short story from which Brokeback Mountain is derived has been posted here.

Thanks to majikthise and Wampum nominators for the links, and Kingdom of Heathen for the card!

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