Tuesday, December 20, 2005

COM: Blogarithmic #80


An absolute, unmitigated, vindicating win for Science & Wisdom in the classroom. Faith in America partly restored. 'Nuff said.

The full decision

News service stories:


From The New York Times

From ABC News/Associated Press

Some of these MSM stories are very shallow and thinly reported, and it was quite clear that The New York Times was hesitant to make it a P1 story. Luckily they had the strike to extricate them.

Commentary from the leading science bloggers (i am actually ahead of the game for some of these necessary commenters, and am only posting general links to their blogs for now. as they add commentary i will link directly to their comments for archiving purposes. plus i am in constant update mode as i find more commentary.):

Pharyngula, 2, 3, 4, 5

Panda's Thumb, particularly here (not otherwise posted here), and more, and more.

The Loom


Thoughts from Kansas

skippy the bush kangaroo

The Questionable Authority which has also produced the Kitzcarnival devoted to the decision. Excellent idea.

Science and Politics

Dispatches from the Culture Wars, 2, 3

Adventures in Ethics and Science

A Concerned Scientist

Red State Rabble

bootstrap analysis

Chris C. Mooney

stranger fruit

DarkSyde on Daily Kos, and here

Cosmic Variance


Respectful Insolence

Evolutionblog, and here, and here

John Hawks.net

Lawyers, Guns and Money

The Reality-based Community

The Washington Monthly

She Flies With Her Own Wings

Unscrewing the Inscrutable

Speaking Freely!

Buridan's Ass

The Art of Teaching Science


Bad Astronomy Blog

Hit and Run


and my own blog carnival of link harvests blogarithmicly #6 is devoted to this decision.

One should note that since the decision and the judge's opinion were so comprehensive, there is little to add or comment on. His words speak very much for themselves. Because of that, most of these posts are simply, justifiably celebratory. On a slightly diverging tack i think it interesting that a number of bloggers i thought would not be able to contain themselves have yet to post at all on this matter. . .

Thanks to Bora at Science and Politics for a few additional links late this evening.

And in other science news, Sharon is back from her stint as an Ivory-billed Woodpecker chaser in the swamps of Arkansas and has posted a couple of intriguingly vague posts here, and here. I knew of the tight hold on the project the principals demanded for allowing access, but Cornell's copyrighting of photos of a burger seems a bit ridiculous. With a subject this frail, and some folks proposing the bird's existence to be as iffy as ID, it probably would suit them well to avoid doing silly things like that.

Finally i'ld like to take the time to mention some award stuff again. If you haven't yet, and you're a regular visitor to the blogosphere, you might want to head over to Wampum and nominate some good stuff for the Koufax Awards (which are not only lefty, but named for the great hero of my youth -- divinely inspired i'd say).

And i'd remind folks to go here to see the post where i designated the wonderful rights blog Orcinus as the winner of my Worthy Award for 2006, which comes with a plea from me to donate to that worthy cause lest it fade away from a world that so badly needs it. So cough up some change there via PayPal.

And finally, Digby at Hullabaloo, one of the great mavens of our end of the spectrum is in need of balancing cash, so you might spread some Christmas Cheer there as well.

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