Friday, December 23, 2005

COM: Blogarithmic #84

Clare at The House & Other Arctic Musings passed along a cool BBC article about a joint Dutch/Mauritian discovery of a mass of Dodo bones. It may be the first opportunity to piece together a complete skeleton since the last one disappeared in the late 18th century.

Just found out that Kevin Andre Elliott (of Slant Truth, Peaches of Immortality and Satellite Heart) is starting a carnival of poetics. He's named it Carnival of Speculum and he's soliciting entries now. You can find it right here.

I went to the first screening of Ryan Batley's (and Brooke's and Leaman's) film Zerosum today at Pampell's. About all i'm going to say here is Wow! They did an incredible job with a small digicam and limited resources. What they did have was a bunch of willing friends, great actors, a primo soundtrack, and some classy ideas. I'll review it in a separate post.

At the screening i got to see a bunch of folks -- as usual including quite a few folks i haven't seen in some time: Ryan Bailey (and yeah, he'll be working on the music for a little project we've talked about for a couple of years now, and he's still waiting on me to finish filming Diogenes/Dionysus so he can work on that soundtrack), Leaman Valentine, Ryan and Brooke, Luke, Isaac Dingler, Louise Leahy, Alex Dunbar, Chris Schubert, Ridge Floyd, Cody Schrank, and met the Bishops, whose daughter Lizzie was a last minute replacement and did a wonderful job. I know there's others but the names are coming to me right now (i'll update as i snap to).

My big news otherwise is that i think i'm going to take another big blogging jump and create a Carnival of Blog Film Criticism. There's a ton of criticism out there, but it's 90% available in the form of print media pros posted online or on designated criticism sites. I want to collect links (only) to criticism emanating from blogs. I've been thinking about this for some time, and well there are some difficulties that i've had trouble solving. It won't be like a regular blog carnival, but more like blogarithmicly -- where it is a regular compilation at one site. Because of that i'll probably post them here originally, but will develop a home site. At this point i'm looking to do it monthly -- criticism on films released during the previous month. I'll probably start with December releases. I'm tentatively calling it CineMidway. More here as it develops. Well, i've worked on this, including devising the base site, but already it's shaping up as a ton of work that i may not be able to continually work on. So, rethinking again.

We're just two weeks away from the opening of Our Town, with final regular rehearsals next end-of-week. Then the ITM kids are off and working on Playing for Time, their One-Act Play entry. It's going to be an exciting spring.

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