Saturday, December 24, 2005

COM: Blogarithmic #85

The Dead Rebels have been named one of the 100 Top Unsigned Bands. There's a story here.

I thought irony was dead. Here's the lead from a New York Times Story today: "The military will not turn over detainees to Iraq until officials are satisfied that Iraqis are meeting U.S. standards."

Ryan and Brooke and the crew, including Alex and Lizzie, came by today to record some voiceovers for Zerosum. Then Ryan and Alex came with me to feed Hip-Hop. It's been a nice day.

It was also warm enough for a slew of Texas Sliders to be out sunning in the middle of the river, and a few Boxelder Bugs were about as well. Hmmmm, supposed to be cold (31) tonight, and it was mighty windy today, but seeing as how it got up to 72 earlier, we'll hold off declaring it frozen until it gets there. Tuesday is predicted to hit 79!

skippy the bush kangaroo has this cool little Christmas gift idea from The Oakland Tribune -- check it out here.

And this seems destined for the next edition of blogarithmicly.

Here's some articles i've recently archived to make room on the main blog:
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