Monday, December 26, 2005

COM: Blogarithmic #86

Well, Christmas was generally a good one here. Hope yours was as fine as could be.

If mine didn't quite end up as i wanted it too, it's because i spent the better part of the day composing a long Christmas letter to send out to all my friends. These things come diffultly to me. I have so many friends (don't we all) that i'd like to send very long personal notes to, then time runs short, and i end up some yeas sending out these long notes about what i've been up to over the past year. They seem rather self-oriented to me and i always end up regretting being so long-winded about me, and general enough that it might interest everyone i know from a lot of different fields and contexts.

Last year i was so discombobulated by what i'd written, that the note i finally sent out was a one-liner of good wishes. Then i felt really bad for making it looking like i'd mass emailed an afterthought, when it really wasn't.

So this year has been so good to me in so many ways (and i'm ignoring some particularly ugly things specifically so they won't ruin the rest of the year), that i thought i'd do the long letter thing again and send it out as email on Christmas Day so everyone would at least know i was thinking of them.

And so i finished the letter and fired up the computer to type it in and send it off, and the internet was down. It just came back up this afternoon, and of course, in the interim i reread the letter a half-dozen times and ultimately decided i didn't want to send it.

Now i'm no believer in any war on Christmas -- that's just ludicrous -- but i have thought for many, many years that the commercialization of the holidays (by retailers on every conceivable side) long ago took away the joy of the season. Returning the season to one of giving (in the philosophical sense) and family has been relegated to the relatively weak ability of parents to orient their family holidays towards something more gratifying. It takes a great deal of selflessness and a sacrifice of ego to do that.

And so, wanting to do my part, i tossed the letter. Unfortunately, because of the internet failure in these parts, i couldn't even send out a gratuitous, if sincere, greetings. And so, if you're wondering why i haven't written friends, that's why. I'll likely send out something for New Year's when my ramblings won't seem as shallow.

So Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, AND Happy New Year.

My profuse writing and posting of late has led to my hitting the limitations of Blogger once again (pitiful error on their part). Because of that the many reviews i've been working on won't fit here, so i guess i'm going to start putting them only on the review site, which i regret somewhat. Anyway, you can find them here.

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