Wednesday, December 28, 2005

COM: Blogarithmic #88

One of the goofier things i do is collect bottles and cans. I have a kind of artistic display of things i've found (or sometimes bought). The set of it has no value at all (i don't think) since it has no organizing theme, and since it's not something i do obsessively. I just like designed (by humans) things, and they're commonplace and ephemeral. So, when i see something i kind of like i pick it up and stick on this shelf where i pay homage to liquid containership; or if i see something that reminds me of something from my past i might even fork up a bit of cash for it. I also occasionally find something for sale at the convenience store or supermarket that not only is cool looking, but looks like it might taste good, and so i end up with a bit of refreshment (or not) and something to add to the collection. Besides having a kind of random kitschy cool to it, a fair number of my pieces have made their way onto stage and film sets as props -- that's the sum total of their importance. And i don't drink, at all, but you'd never know that if you wandered into my collection, which has a fair number of oddball beer cans and wine bottles.

All that to say that once, while travelling some deep east Texas backroads, through the pine barrens north of the Big Thicket looking for bugs and obscure snails, i stopped at an old mom&pop store in the middle of literal nowhere. I do that a lot. Perhaps in search of some cinematic background for my later memories. And there, in the cooler found an array of Jones Sodas. Never heard of them before. Never seen them since. But, since they were labelled with oddly stark black-and-white photos and came in the kind of deep east Texas backroads flavors i love -- Cream Soda, Black Cherry, Root Beer -- i bought up a bunch, one in every flavor. They formed a lasting memory, not only for their additive value to my collection (indeed they are centerpieces), but because by the time i had finished the first a half-hour down the road, i'd wished i'd bought them out.

Well, it turns out (as i'm learning today in one of those chase the links around the blogs things) that Jones Soda is more widely known than i might have guessed (with a special edition Hot Wheels truck, and celebrity signature bottles), and puts out specialty sodas and packages. The cool pictures on the bottles comes from their method of using customer contributed photos on their labels -- there've been hundreds of them. That's probably as much as i want to tell you for now. What you ought to do is read the blogs in the order i found them . . .

starting at Pharyngula, then progressing to decorabilia, then to Jeri Massi's blog Bassenco's etc. (the pertinent part is way down the post, keep reading), then perhaps on to Jones Soda themselves (where they cheerfully offer a poll on caustic opinions) and the current holiday pack (if you're like me the regional pack seems more, well, tasty).

And then look around, they've been doing this for a few years.

P.s. their website lists only nine Texas locations, and none of them are for podunk east Texas, which sets me to wondering how in the world they got there, and what luck i had stumbling into them.

New Topics
Two big time blog carnivals are approaching deadline time -- first is the Big Spanking new Circus of the Spineless being hosted at bootstrap analysis. If you've got collo words or pics of the lesser critters, now'd be a good time to pass them on to Nannothemis before the Friday deadline.

Also on tap for next week is I and the Bird #14. Get your nominations over to Gwyn Calvetti at Bird brained stories!

Orcinus is back on line after a week's hiatus. Mighty nice to have that voice back in my day. Am also able to access comments there for the first time in ages -- don't know what changed, but that too is most welcome.

I keep track of who links to me, partly so i can reciprocate (and because if someone is taking me to task or correcting me, i want to know so i can either fix what i've said or rebut). Anyway, i found a new link today. Iconique Magazine has linked to my blog on its "fashionable resources" page. I'm a bit flattered and stunned. One term that has never been used to refer to me is fashionable -- but i much appreciate that someone thought so.

Interestingly the temp got about 6 degrees colder than expected last night, dropping to 32 for about 15 minutes. It also got 7 degrees warmer today topping out at 77 for about 15 minutes. I suspect we're in for a few more 80 degree days this week though the forecast still says mid-70s. Interestingly it's brought out not only more Boxelder Bugs (which i think i mistakenly [lapsus] called beetles earlier but can't find that post now), but they're tandemizing. Last night i also had about a half-dozen moths on the window -- tonight there's more -- plus i had an American Snout flying today. I halfway expect the tress to burst out in new greenery. . .

Karen at Rurality wrote to add some movies to the Obscure Movie Meme (i'll add them below, but they'll be easy to find later at the reviews site also). She also suggested a couple other memes and i'll likely take her up on them later (after things calm here in a couple of weeks) -- Cult Movies and Like-It-Even-If-It's-Dumb Movies, the latter for which she's already suggested Overboard (US/1987).

Here's her additions to the big meme:
Powwow Highway (UK/1989) (Rurality)
Eating Raoul (US/1982) (Rurality)
Start the Revolution Without Me (US/1970) (Rurality)
The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across The 8th Dimension (US/1984) (Rurality)

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