Thursday, December 29, 2005

COM: Blogarithmic #89

Well you can feel the holidays slipping away. Today we had our first rehearsal after a week and a half hiatus. Everyone was in great shape vocally and linewise. That was a nice, and welcome, surprise.

Durrell and Pierce Grisebaum and their mom stopped by yesterday to say hi and look for a sleeping bag left behind. They seemed to have had a great Christmas.

The Summer 2005 DVDs came in today and we're enveloping them now. We'll have them in the mail this weekend, but because of the holiday we suspect they won't be on the road until Tuesday. In any case, if you're expecting one it's on the way.

In the worst news i can think to ever pass on, one of our kiddos has died. Danielle LeBlanc was murdered a few days before Christmas, apparently by an irate boyfriend who was later found dead, probably a suicide. Danielle was only 22, and judging by the recent picture they used she was doing well and had some happiness. She has a two-year old daughter, who was left alone in the apartment and was found a couple days after the murder. While we got the news from Vista family, the bulk of what we know comes from a few news accounts. I've archived a couple of stories here.

On the brighter side, there were a bunch of kids below the Johnson Creek bridge and at the LWC today -- this is December 29th mind you -- in swimsuits, swimming! Now the water had to be cold, but it was a warm pleasant day, although the Weather Service says it didn't top 72, despite a forecast of 75. They've been way off the mark this week.

The best Aggie joke of the year (plug your ears if they're senstitive).

KGSR-Austin, about the only station i listen to, and the only great station within hearing range for me, has always had a pretty cheesy website (which was okay since the major reason i visited was to hook into the live broadcasts). However, they've unveiled not only a new site, but one that is very, very classy. Now i'll have to spend a little time there.

Mitch Heindel turned up a Hammond's Flycatcher in Bandera County last week, not far from us. It's important because it's the first record for the Edwards Plateau.

In Soccer News
Thank old age for keeping the petulant Diego Maradona off the soccer field. Certainly the lumpy old dude has none of his speed left and that would be a killer by itself for his fake-and-outrun game. Unfortunately the only part of his game left is probably the arrogant, obnoxious, Napoleonic streak. And that soccer can do without.

Kristine Lilly, Tiffeny Milbrett and Briana Scurry were invited to the United States training camp in preparation for next month's Four Nations tournament. The World Cup vets were among the contingent of 28 invited.

Goals from Arouna Kone and DaMarcus Beasley enabled PSV Eindhoven to beat NEC Nijmegen 2-0 Monday to reclaim the lead in the Dutch league.

Kansas City midfielder Chris Klein and MetroStars goalkeeper Zach Wells were added to the roster for the U.S. national team training camp Tuesday. The camp starts Jan. 4. The pair replaced injured Chicago midfielder Justin Mapp and Columbus goalkeeper Jonny Walker.

Thanks to the U.S. National Team Players Asssociation and Clicked.

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