Friday, December 30, 2005

COM: Blogarithmic #90

Interesting day. Full rehearsal for Our Town came in at about and hour and a half, notably quick, and a good session. Several folks are still out of town, but the principals have been there and things are shaping up right nice.

The show opens in a week, Friday the 6th, at Warrior Theatre next to the Administration building in Ingram. The show features Garrett Whitten, Cadi Hawkins, Irec Hargrove, Summer White, Kevin Fowler, Suzanne Attridge and Patrick Wade. It's directed by Holly Riedel, with Marie Cearley helping out. Gary Priour will do the lights (tomorrow in fact), and Carol Priour is the costume maven. I think you'll really enjoy this porduction if you chance to come out (two weekends only). I've been bragging about those Ingram kids; here's your chance to see them.

Well had to get to town tonight, and stopped by Hastings to check out the new batch of DVDs, and of course not only did i see the usual folks, but being as it's still holidays here (and another week for the collegiates) i ran across quite a few more. Spent a good bit of time talking to Zac Tiedemann, Mr. Theatre Major. We swapped ideas about good movies and caught up on the last year. Nathan was there too. Holy esmokess, he's 6'4" if he's half an inch. Playing JV BBall at Tivy, so i guess i'll have to get to a game. Also got to talk a while to Noel Monroe -- she was working. And Papa Edwards who wandered by and stopped long enough to tell me he had a second kid, a boy born a couple of weeks ago.

While i talked to them a bunch more folks wandered by, some waved or shook hands, some i never could quite get to, but they included: Will Hunter, Morris Arredondo, Marion Giesecke, Chuck Hopkins, and Michael Likin. And caught a moment to yack at Bryce Hawkins at the theatre where he's working.

Also saw Mr. and Mrs. Doran in town. Nice talk with them. Will's doing well. And told them i was rooting for UT this week. I guess i'm the only Aggie they know doing that.

At Warrior Theatre today was an Orange Sulphur, and the sliders were out again today en masse, along with, surprise a Cagle's Map Turtle. Sliders are not that unusual in December, especially early, but i'm not sure i have a prior record of Cagle's. Will likely feature that critter tonight for The Friday Ark.

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