Saturday, December 31, 2005

COM: Blogarithmic #91

On a small scale i hope 2006 is as good for everyone as it was for me in 2005. I can't think of nicer things done or said for or to me in a long time than what 2005 had in store. May all your days be filled with that kind of love.

On the flip side, i hope 2006 doesn't have one lick of the ugliness we faced in 2005, beginning with the realization of what actually happened in the tsunami, to war, to hurricanes, to earthquakes, to aftermaths, to deaths of our heroes. We, the world and this country, can't handle any more of that.

I've been working on what was a Christmas letter, but is now a New Year's Eve letter to friends -- think i'll post it here when it's done.

The Austin Chronicle's respected Austin Music Poll is accepting votes now. I would have anyway, but since Vehicular are the guys that let me know by email that the poll's open, and asked for a vote, i feel like it'd be a great thing to advertise on their behalf. Anything in the Hip-Hop realm would be appreciated by them, and me since i think they have something going that might start getting serious recognition. I'll be filming interviews and performances of them soon for Verbaceous. Here's a magazine article on them, if you need some help thinking about it. They're really tight, and if you get a chance you ought to check them out in Austin, at Redrum or the Red-eyed Fly or environs. And, of course, while you're voting, you might throw some votes to, by way of suggestion: Patty Griffin, Eric Johnson, Stephen Bruton, Robert Earl, Lyle, and maybe Ray Wylie Hubbard for the Hall of Fame.

Here's the link:


Turtles were out again today -- crazy, the last day of December -- and there's ten moths on the windows tonight, a few Boxelder Bugs this afternoon, and a lot of Blue Jays around (wonder if they're after the bugs). It was a beautiful day.

Tomorrow is predicted to be in the 80s -- now there's a beginning for 2006!

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