Monday, December 19, 2005

COM: Koufax Awards

Since i told you that nominations were open for the Koufax Awards i thought i'd also pass along my nominations. Here's what i wrote in my nom comment:

first i'd like to suggest for the future -- best blog carnival (overall, plus best single edition)

and i'd like to jump on the bandwagon suggesting that the expert division be divided into categories such as politics, international affairs, science, film, music, sports, etc. -- perhaps one from each category, then the best overall??

my nominees:

Best Blog

Best Expert Blog
Language Log

Mike Luckovich

Best Group Blog
Panda's Thumb

Best Writing
Creek Running North

Local Issues (for me that's rights and politics in Texas)
Grits for Breakfast
Texas Civil Rights Review
Burnt Orange Report

Deserving of Wider Recognition
Stop Ann Coulter

There were actually quite a few other blogs i thought were deserving of something, but in some cases i couldn't figure out what exactly, in other cases when i went to check on them there hadn't been a post in a couple of weeks, a few i didn't know their politics (and well, this is a political set of awards in a way and i didn't want to embarrass anyone), and some, well some just didn't make it. I also was afraid of making too many nominations for fear it might swamp the impact of the few, so i did some winnowing. I feel like i may come back in the future and make some additional nominations as i'm certain i've overlooked someone. Nevertheless, i wanted to say that if you're on my blogroll i read you and consider that my award for what you do. Thanks.


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