Monday, December 19, 2005

COM: Worthy Awards 2006

It's awards season.

So, it's time for me to "hand" out my Worthy Awards for 2006. This is the seventh annual edition of these awards and it gets more and more difficult every year to pick from among the folks out there doing worthy things for our world. That's good. The more i find of individuals and organizations doing things to preserve culture and battle hatred, the more hope i have that the world will be a better place for another generation.

I began these awards out of poverty. Daily there are movements, organizations, efforts to which i want to donate in order to further their work. Unfortunately i remain rather poor and feel like my contributions are a pittance. So, in an effort to help folks get some real donations i have chosen to highlight one or two groups/individuals a year and ask my readers, whether in the holiday spirit, or just out of humanly gesture, to help the world become a better place by making a donation.

I call these the Worthy Awards because the recipients are doing worthy work, and are worthy of your attention. While i have no real limitations for myself on who may be designated, i have a special fondness for preservers and encouragers of Native American cultures and arts, and for folks working against bigotry and hatred, especially in the realms of culture, race and gender.

Previous recipients are: 2000 -- Native American Preparatory School & Sahawe Indian Dancers; 2001 -- Amnesty International & American Indian College Fund; 2002 -- (unfortunately now defunct); 2003 -- The Carter Center & Native Nations Dance Theater; 2004 -- Southern Poverty Law Center & Advocates for Youth; & 2005 -- American Civil Liberties Union.

This last year i have been much involved in blogging, and through that medium have made the acquaintance of a great many bloggers, writers and journalists. Blogging, in my mind, has already transcended and succeded newspapers and television as the primary source of information for the age. In addition to being able to gain knowledge in considerable depth on the topics and news of the day, often much faster than print or screen can deliver it, it also allows for extensive, in-depth coverage of very narrow topics.

Among the particular topics of interest to me is civil rights, and while most any political blog deals regularly with this topic, there is but a single blog which reports in depth, on a daily basis, and with the purest of intent. It has become a daily read for me, one i cannot do without, and one which i think the world cannot do without. In support of that voice, i'm designating the blog Orcinus as the sole recipient of my 2006 Worthy Award.

Dave Neiwert stands out as a voice of reason and as gladiator against hatred. Please support his efforts as nouveau-journalist by donating to his endeavour. PayPal links are located on the lefthand sidebar of his blog and are easy to find. Please give generously.

If you are able please donate to this worthy cause here

[Unfortunately, i have not been able to access his comments section for months, either to read or comment (which seems to either be a technical problem or i said something stupid on his blog months ago and got banned), and i have no email for Dave. So if someone has access and reads this, please post a comment that he has our support. Thanks. Also noted that the PayPal buttons may not be functional at this time.]

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