Tuesday, December 13, 2005

ENV: New Texas Beetle

Mike Quinn has sent this along:

Kathirithamby, J. & S.J. Taylor. 2005. A new species of Halictophagus
(Insecta: Strepsiptera: Halictophagidae) from Texas, and a checklist of
Strepsiptera from the United States and Canada.
Zootaxa 1056: 1-18

A new species of Halictophagidae (Insecta: Strepsiptera), Halictophagus forthoodiensis Kathirithamby & Taylor, is described from Texas, USA. We also present a key to 5 families, and a check-list of 11 genera and 84 species of Strepsiptera known from USA and Canada.

Halictophagus forthoodiensis Kathirithamby & Taylor, new species

Type. Holotype [male]: USA, Texas, Coryell County, Fort Hood, UTM zone 14 R (NAD 1983) 607873mE 3451198mN, malaise trap (30.9.04 10am-1.10.04 2pm. J. Kathirithamby, S. J. Taylor, C. E. Pekins (deposited in Oxford Museum of Natural History, Oxford).

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