Friday, December 02, 2005

ENV: Not-Really-a-Cat-Friday

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Good friends Jan and David Dauphin are constantly on the go in the Rio Grande Valley -- and are often the discoverers of, or next on the scene of, new U.S. records or other extreme rarities. Well, a couple of years ago i was able to pull away in the fall a couple of times and traipse around my childhood stomping grounds. In August i ran across Jan and Barbara Ribble, and they and Dave dragged me around looking at some rather amazing bugs. One of those was my first Gray Cracker. I was reminded of this because they've had not only Grays this week, but also found a Guatemalan Cracker, Hamadryas guatemalena, and a Blomfild's Beauty, Smyrna blomfildia, in the last couple of days -- everyone else is having some wintry weather and they're finding rare butterflies. Anyway, i went back and dug out some pictures of that cracker they showed me about two years ago.

Gray Cracker, Hamadryas februa
NABA Park, Hidalgo County, Texas
30 August 2003


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