Thursday, December 08, 2005

ENV: Two New US Records

Two butterflies new to the US have been found in the Valley in the last week. Last year November was the hot month with three new US records; five total for the fall.

[Update 7 Dec. 2005 -- Make that THREE!]

Here's the new 2005 records and links to see their pics.

Dynamine postverta, Four-spotted Sailor
3 December 2005, TX: Hidalgo County, NABA Park, Mission
found by Terry Fuller; seen by Dave Hanson, Phil Schappert, m.ob.
NABA Page by Mike Quinn
Second individual found 7 December 2005

Pieriballia viardi, Painted (Viardi) White
6 December 2005, TX: Hidalgo County, Bentsen-RGV State Park, Mission
found by Jack Leighton, Jim Booker and Mary Gustafson; seen by Jack Leighton, Jan Dauphin, m.ob.
NABA Page by Mike Quinn

Pteronymia cotytto, Broad-tipped Clearwing
7 December 2005, TX: Hidalgo County, NABA Park, Mission
found by Jan Dauphin; seen by Kim Davis, m.ob.
NABA Page by Mike Quinn

Here's a bit of narrative from yesterday's TX-Butterfly listserv just to give a int of how exciting things are/were just before this strong front hit.

Things continue to be quite good here at Bentsen State Park. So far today thefollowing have been recorded: Blomfild's Beauty, Guatemalan Cracker, Blue-eyedSailor, Band-celled Sister (maybe 2), Red Rim (multiple), LantanaScrub-Hairstreak (5+). . . Moments ago I found a fresh female Four-spotted Sailor in the Lantana next to the Gift Shop here at Bentsen State Park; also add Pale-spotted Leafwing and Malachite to today's growing list. . . We can now add Clench's Greenstreak and Yellow-tipped Flasher to the astonishing DAY list at Bentsen State Park.
-- Three separate posts over the day by Jim Booker

I found and many photographed what I believe to be a Five-Spotted Clearwing Pteronymia cotytto at NABA-IBP in Mission. I also found and photographed a Pearly-gray Hairstreak-Sidarus tephreus at NABA-IBP in Mission. Yellow-tipped Flasher, Clench's Greenstreak, Gray Cracker, Guatemalan Cracker, Two Barred Flasher, Rekoa sp. (probable Marius), Red Rim, Blomfild's Beauty, Four-spotted Sailor, and 82 other species made not too bad of a day in the upper Valley.
-- Jan Dauphin


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