Thursday, December 15, 2005

ENV: When Turtles Fly . . .

This is rich. The next time you accidentally suppose that the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service knows what it is doing, check back on this page on the official government site. Here the USF&WS has collected a series of "wildlife" sounds that are available royalty-free for your use.

Let me remind you that these are "sounds". Included among these "wildlife" gems are the following (folks with half a background interest in wildlife will understand -- anyone else can ask in comments about what the deal is; folks with an interest in linguistics will have a grand foray as well):

Cape May shorebirds chirping at the beach
Big breaks chirping
Sounds of a whales blow hole
Little blue heron fishing
Shore birds chirping from their nest
Sounds of a two lamb
Lambs eat
Swarm of bats
A singers chirpings
A rattlesnake at alart
A flock of Woodstorks in the rain
A hummingbird while it is eating
Chirp's of a grey bird
Chirps of a hungry baby grey bird
Chirps of a baby grey bird as it tries to fly
A indigo's bunt
A yellow and black neo's call
Chippy brown bird
Trilly brown bird
A tundra of swans
A blue martins call
Cranes in a hurry
Sounds of a leatherback flying into waves

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