Monday, February 27, 2006

COM: Blogarithmic #92

Back at "home" and at work now. So here's lots of random notes:

The Ingram Tom Moore Thespians and Drama Department are in the final stages of readying their One Act Play Competition piece. They're doing Playing for Time by Arthur Miller -- a story of musicians spared at Auschwitz so that they could play music for the Commandant and Dr. Mengele. Powerful, powerful play.

It's being directed by the superb triumvirate of Roy Burney, Marie Cearley and Holly Riedel; and features some outstanding young actors -- notably a group of seniors who have been involved since the beginnings of ITM's Thespian troupe.

They put on their first performance at Wimberley High School's Festival on Thursday, and despite technical glitches, did a bang up job considering most of the directorial staff has been pre-occupied with health issues. Marie obviously did a wonderful job getting them where they are. Some more cutting will be necessary though to get within time constraints without sacrificing the heavier moments.

Whitney Wilson and Lillian Beaudoin were named to the Honorable Mention All-Star cast, and Meggie Nidever was named Best Actress at the festival! No real surprise there -- i was unable to travel to Wimberley, but saw rehearsal the night before, and Meggie gave the most nuanced performance i've ever seen her do (and that includes some dynamite work in Vanities last fall). So congrats to all, but especially Meggie.

They'll be doing some public performances at Warrior Theatre -- i'll post those when i know dates, etc. They also will perform this Saturday at a Festival in Menard, later at a festival in Llano, and then begin competition at district. The group last year made it to regionals (one step short of the state finals) before bowing out (robbed in my mind) with a dazzling interpretation of The Crucible.

First, Rurality was kind enough to email and tell me that my little blog has been included in the new book Blogosphere: Best of Blogs. It has a companion blog that can be found here. It's in the "Life of a . . ." section. Rurality is also included in the gardening section -- congrats!

Been watching tons of movies lately, what with being laid up and all, but got the chance to see some real theatre things in the last few days. Quick reviews:

The Pink Panther -- not very funny. Starts with too much narrative setup. Kevin Kline is not well cast as Dreyfus. Cato vanishes in lieu of Ponton, not funny at all as a foil. And Steve Martin is disappointing as Clouseau, and whose "French" accent wavers more toward 2 year old toddler.

The Three Murials of Melquiades Estrada -- brilliant. Perhaps because that countryside was home for a while, and it's exceptionally well depicted, the harsh light, the bold, saturated interiors, the despondence of the residents, perhaps that made for a honed experience behind the story. But -- and i'm no Tommie Lee Jones fan, though i really like some of his work -- Jones is simply outstanding, and Barry Pepper as the second is likewise perfect. The story, in a purposeful non-linear jumble, hits home hard. The subtle and not-so-subtle racism of borderland life is dead-on. And Dwight Yoakum continues to wow as a chameleon -- i was thirty minutes into the movie before i realized it was him. And the movie is a must-see if all you want is to see him with a full head of hair. Classic. Only two small quibbles. The movie is very roughly edited in a few places -- what i'd give for an Avid and a pristine copy. The other quibble is the accurate use of local bird song -- from Black-throated Sparrows to Canyon Wrens -- but ruined by the use of a jessed Peregrine, and the foleying of Hermit Thrushes in the final scene. Still, a magnificent piece of work. I don't know whether this was released in time for this year's Oscars -- if so, what a miss. I do hope it gets major consideration next time around.

Among other cool things happening in the last month -- some of my Hog-nosed Skunk pictures were picked for use in a science textbook; some of my Eric Taylor pictures were used in the online magazine; and two of my favorite unpublished vignettes are scheduled for use as Saturday Poems at The Middlewesterner.

My favorite hip-hopmeisters Vehicular took a giant step toward respectability with an opening slot for The Scabs at Antone's the beginning of the month. Unfortunately i couldn't make it down -- and i need to to get some interview and performance clips.

The U.S. Soccer Team moved up a notch in the world rankings this week to number 6. Not a bad place to be going into the World Cup.

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