Friday, February 24, 2006

COM: Time for Some Explanation

Yep, it's time for me to explain a two-month absence from my favorite project -- blogging. But first let me express deep thanks to everyone who has written with concern, or demands for me to blog. Much appreciated. I certainly have missed it greatly, and i hope to get geared up again and be at nearly full steam before long.

Here's the story -- actually two of them. First, we had a management change at work on January 1st. Part of the change, for me, was to move out of the cabin i was living in so that it could be renovated. It took me three and a half weeks to pack up my life and put it in storage and then relocate myself. Every moment i wasn't packing or moving was spent sleeping and thus no blogging.

Part two is this. Regular readers of my blog will remember i took a few days hiatus back in the late fall. I had had something go seemingly seriously wrong somewhere in my gut. After a day of doing the home remedy thing i finally went to the local ER. For eleven hours or so they poked and prodded, ran MRIs, EKGs, and a CaTSCAN, found nothing, pronounced me in perfect health and kicked me out at 3 a.m.

That "perfect health" was so excruciating that i stumbled around a bit for a couple of weeks before i once again felt somewhat normal, though certain aches remained.

Then while moving i had a relapse of sorts -- the same symptoms to a T -- but it lasted only a few hours before dissipating.

Then on January 26th it hit again, hard. Having been in "perfect health" the first time, i figured i could outlast it, and i lay in bed four days (we'll skip the lurid details). Finally, too weak to drive, and needing some meds, i called a friend, who together with another friend brought me the meds, but instead of giving them to me, kidnapped me and took me to another hospital ER about 40 minutes away.

This time, after the poking and prodding, and Xrays and lots of blood donations, they found the trouble with a CaTSCAN -- gall bladder infection. After emergency surgery i was told that the thing was actually dead and gangrenous. The outlying infection probably caused some leakage which led to another invasive procedure, followed by a bout with pancreatitis. All of which resulted in 16 days in the hospital, a subsequent visit to the ER, yet another procedure yesterday, with one more to go.

So, not to bore you with detail, but there's been a reason for my absence. I'm just now back online the last couple of days, and have 2900 emails to sort through (and wonder about all the ones kicked back when my inbox filled up -- so if you wrote and something was returned, try me again).

So, before i get back into full swing blogging again (and i have so much to say it'll take forever), i wanted to throw out some big thanks to my guardian angels Holly, Marie, and Ruthie, and my intestinal saviors Dr. Andreassian, Dr. Randall, Dr. Layne and Dr. Ramsey, and everyone, and i mean absolutely everyone, at the Hill Country Memorial Hospital System in Fredericksburg. Thanks!


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