Friday, March 24, 2006

COM: Blogarithmic #106

Well, my liver decided to swallow that piece of plumbing and the mini-submarine that snaked down my gut yesterday was unable to snare it, soooo they’re handing off to the US Navy on Monday and we try again.

Louie Bond, who i got to see at Llano yesterday (see the OAP summary below somewhere) for the first time in 25+ years, wrote to turn me on to Jake Patoski's blog -- Hasta la victoria . . . siempre. He's taking a semester in Cuba and is blogging his experience there. His brother impressed me last year as Filch in Wimberley's Beggar's Opera, and he was just as good yesterday if not quite in such an upfront role. Anyway, i'd say writing runs in the family as well as acting. I haven't had a chance to read the blog thoroughly but a scan of the latest post shows it to be superbly written and full of insight. Looking forward to reading more.

As i noted in Not Really A Cat Friday, last night's low here was 25. It's ridiculous for March. We were below freezing for six hours. Another short-duration freeze is predicted for tonight. I hope to get some filming in this weekend before rains hit again Sunday afternoon or evening.

Well, my bracket disintegrated but somehow i'm still in 4th place. With Duke and Gonzaga out i lost an entire side of my bracket. Oh well, it was nice leading for a day.

Squeek was in touch today. Expect to hear more from him soon. And Travis Haring is bringing his boy scout troop in today for a few days of camping. I bet they didn't plan on it being cold!

The new movie theatre complex opens in town today -- ten screens, up from six, plus the old one is still in business. Right away the good news is that the old screens will have Capote on this week, so i'll pick up another one i've missed so far this year. Otherwise the only other well-reviewed flick on in town was V for Vendetta. I haven't seen what's on at the new theater yet.

Going to see Lone Star and Laundry and Bourbon tonight, with a whole host of friends directing and acting, including Ryan Bailey, Ryan Batley, Dennie Pierce, Ann Galland, Tommie Howell and Sonja Johnson. And Lilies of the Field, starring the dazzling Clifton Fifer opens next weekend at Playhouse 2000.

I'm also going to check out Momix Dance Theatre's Opus Cactus at the Cailloux theater on Sunday. The weekend will be full!

Here's some upcoming production schedules:

The Point Theatre:
May 25 - June 10 -- Best Little Whorehouse in Texas
June 15 - July 1 -- The Magician's Nephew
July 13 - July 29 -- Cinderella
August 13-19 -- Harvey
September 14-30 -- A Streetcar Named Desire
December 1-16 -- Miracle on 34th Street

Playhouse 2000:
March 30 - April 9 -- Lilies of the Field
June 1-11 -- Anything Goes
July 13-23 -- The Goodbye Girl
August 10-20 -- One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
September 14-24 -- Winnie the Pooh
October 12-22 -- Dearly Departed
November 9-19 -- Squabbles

Some smokin' debate on the Mideast.

Checking out graphically how your site connects to the web.

And how it influences the blogosphere.

Dragonflies featured in National Geographic.

ManyBirds has posted a bunch of Video Clips of rare Texas birds.

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