Monday, March 27, 2006

COM: Blogarithmic #107

Went to see Lone Star and Laundry and Bourbon at The Point Friday night, and then saw Opus Cactus by the Momix Dance Theatre at Cailloux Sunday. Both were great fun. Will review both in the next couple of days. I got to see a lot of folks over the weekend, some only from a distance, had too much talking to do with some folks, especially those i hadn’t seen in some years. Somewhere this weekend i saw Nancy Stuart (now Reagan) and her friend Virginia, Annie Reynolds, John Ruth, Jerry Mertz, Josh O’Brien and his brother, Dion Denevan, Teri Valentine, Brooke and Cheryl there to see Ryan Batley in his big role in Lone Star, as well as the entire Pierce clan there to see Dennie, John and Billie Davis, Virginia Graham, Leatrice and Jack, Louise Leahy, Charles Bryant, Steve Galland, Tammy Brown with Chris and Derek, Faith Danielson, Reese and Randy Johnson to see Sonja in Laundry and Bourbon and all three at Momix, Wright Roussel, Tom and Paula Repka, Scott Fair, George Eychner, Sue Bailey, Jon and Sandy Wolfmueller, Barbara Cardova, Kay Talley-Foos and Fred, Joan Bryson, Irene Van Winkle, Jacob Lewis, Arthur Bell, Kit Werlein, and of course, Susan Balentine. And congrats to directors Ann Galland and David Howard, and actors Ryan Batley, Dennie Pierce and Ryan Bailey in Lone Star, and Sonja Johnson, Tommie Howell and Virginia Sommers in Laundry and Bourbon.

Long talk with Cody Gage, now teaching photography at Schreiner University. He’s preparing a huge installation of his work for opening on August 26th. He promises it’ll be heavier than the work on his website, but you can get a taste of his style there. I know Cody from his film work some years ago – his is a talented and most provocative mind, and i personally hope he wends his way back to film at some point. Then again, i imagine he has as much to say with his art as he did with film.

Well, today i try again to get my extra plumbing removed. Back with more news once i’m deplumbed.

So much for brackets! I don't have a single team in the final four. and still ended up fifth of nine in our group, but there's nothing quite like being ranked 374,195th overall!

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