Friday, March 03, 2006

COM: Blogarithmic #94

One of the things that frustrated me most in the last couple of months was not being able to post my usual sightings reports and pictures, or being able to make contributions, to the carnivals I and the Bird, Friday Ark, and falling behind on my hosting duties for Circus of the Spineless. In this last instance i am most grateful to my co-sponsor Nannothemis at Urban Dragon Hunters for taking up the slack rather intuitively since no one knew where i had disappeared to.

I was thus also remiss in not helping advertise these fine compilations, and want to do some catching up here in that regard.

First, ex-Austinite Rob Fergus is the host for the latest edition of I and the Bird, that’s #18 if you’re counting. It’s up at The BirdChaser here.

The January edition of Circus of the Spineless was hosted by P.Z. Myers at Pharyngula.

And the February edition is up at send submissions to Bora.

Excellent work on both! Thanks folks -- i continue to be stunned by the number of submissions. I think we might have the single most popular carnival on the net.

The next edition is going to be at Research at a Snail’s Pace get your submissions to Matt.

And John at DC Birding Blog hosted Carnival of the Vanities last week. You can check it out here.

And Kevin at Slant Truth hosted the most recent Carnival of the Liberals here.

Non-Carnival News
Out of the Vista Bubble comes Daniel Miro's Westwood Lacrosse schedule. Check it out here and go see a game or two. Get after it Daniel!

I just heard office scuttlebutt that Austin and Cecy are getting married in October. Never been a more wonderful couple. Congrats!

Tivy grads and soccer stars Erin McCutcheon and Luke Smith are both playing for St. Mary's. Check it out here.

My buddy, and superb writer, Joe Herring Jr. is chairman of the local Sesquicentennial Committee, and sends along this note: Just a note to let you know the upcoming Kerr County Sesquicentennial events are posted on This site is updated almost every day. There is also a link on the Kerrville Area Chamber of Commerce’s website,

The past issue of the Journal of the Lepidopterists Society are now online here (thanks to Andy Warren for the heads up).

Jerome Jackson's masterful answer on the Ivory-bill conundrum is a pdf posted at the AOU here. (Thanks to Mike Quinn)

National Sportsmanship Day is March 7.

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