Friday, March 10, 2006

COM: Blogarithmic #97

As i suspected, the ITM Thespians put on a dazzling show last night in their opening at Warrior Theatre. It was the first time they'd performed in front of an audience as festival travel had precluded a standard dress rehearsal night. In particular Meggie Nidever, Lillian Beaudoin, Whitney Wilson, Summer White, Shana Baldwin, and Cadi Hawkins shone among the girls. The only three boys in the cast Irec Hargrove, Jeff Widener and Kevin Fowler were all kept busy filling multiple roles and doing so most convincingly. I'm predicting the crew will once again be in strong contention for district honors. And i also have to mention the outstanding work of sound tech Taylor Danielson, light techs Vladimir Merritt and Garrett Whitten, and stage managers Patrick Wade and Hunter Frasier for their excellence at making the show run smoothly. And of course congrats to directors Roy Burney, Marie Cearley and Holly Riedel for another powerful show.

It's Spring Break around here, and Holly and Roy are off to Santa Fe for a "second" honeymoon, while Marie and John head to Lubbock to spend time with musician son Jonathan. I'll be sticking around here working, feeding dogs, and trying to finish up some projects. I also hope to get out and see some movies i've been trying to get to, and maybe see a bit of music and a couple of soccer games. We'll see . . .

My Facebook has been lit up lately with a new bunch of friends found by perusing other friends' lists. Nice to locate some former players and students and catch up on their lives.

A new blog (for me) Hope Filled Jars made mention of my Three Burials review in a recent post.

And it's time to vote for Koufax Awards at Wampum. May i kindly suggest votes for Orcinus wherever he's a candidate, and Living the Scientific Life for Best Series for Birds in the News. Vote here.

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