Friday, March 17, 2006

ENV: Not Really A Cat Friday

These bugs were found on the underside of Soapberry, Sapindus drummondii, leaves at Ingram Dam Bluff. There were a number of ants of two species that appeared to be "tending" them. While i suspected these might be larval/pupal Soapberry Hairstreaks, Phaeostrymon alcestis, they did not match the only pictures i was able to find; and pupa here. Mike Quinn, our great state entomologist kindly IDed the bugs in this first picture as Brown Soft Scale, and noted that there was a mix of species in the pictures.

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Brown Soft Scale, Coccus hesperidium
TX: Kerr Co., Bluff above Ingram Dam Lake for 2005 Big Sit, 9 October 2005

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