Friday, March 17, 2006

REV: Old and New Movie Memes

Some time ago i posted a long meme with odd questions about movies -- this eventually led to my huger than i expected Obscure Movie Compilation. Of the questions i pondered, partly to seek enlightenment about the respondees, i asked folks to name films that "were their lives". I thought it was straightforward, but no one seemed to get the gist of what i was asking -- most respondents listed films that they felt had affected them deeply. And that was a fair enough and enlightening response. But my point had been for folks to list those movies that they felt closely depicted their own lives or parts of their lives. I had a couple in mind for myself at the time, but recently i've compiled a larger list.

So these are the movies that i think have nailed a particular time or moment or portion of my life. They are in no particular order, except that the first is the one movie that really elicits thrombosis in me -- it nails the period, it nails the attitudes, and in a few places it nails me. The others all have moments that i implicitly identify with.

Dazed and Confused
Dancer Texas Pop 81
Dead Poets Society
The Last Picture Show
Friday Night Lights
Big Wednesday
Lords of Dogtown
Dogtown & Z-Boys
Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys

That was the old meme. The new one is this: i got to thinking about great titles of movies and began listing them. So what's my concept of a great title? It is catchy, it rolls off the tongue, and it is poetic in literal terms (that is it might not represent anything descriptive or literal, or said, in or about the film, but instead relates to a deeper meaning within the film -- althou it may be descriptive or said as long as it meets the deeper criteria), and finally it strikes a chord (it is something that sticks with you somehow, even if you never saw the movie).

Here are a few that i found that i think meet these criteria:

A Clockwork Orange
Apocalypse Now
Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil
All the Pretty Horses

I'm not going to inflict these memes on anyone else, but feel free to add any of your own selections in the comments. You may also wish to blog about them at length on your own site, but if so, leave a link for us in the comments and i'll post it too. Eventually i'll probably add more myself, and then i'll produce a compilation of the new meme, and maybe a discussion of the old one.

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