Tuesday, April 04, 2006

COM: Blogarithmic #113

I thought i'd start with this comment that was left on a post i made about the Texas Thespian Conference last fall. I didn't figure anyone would go back and read old comments, and they're fixing to fall off the radar. There was some cool info here about a couple of shows i was mesmerized by, and i'd thought it should be passed along:

Hello, I am John Gossett, I just was given this site by a friend who told me our play was reviewed on here. I played the role of Clarence Darrow in Denton Ryan's "Never the Sinner." I am so glad that you enjoyed the show. And I like the feedback, I think we all agree with the problems that you listed. We and "Speed of Darkness" advanced to perform at the International Festival so this show isn't over for us. We all thank you very much for the kind words. -- John Gossett

Louie Bond passed along a note from Bryan Chafin's mom -- Kat Candler's movie Jumping Off Bridges is playing in a couple of weeks at the Texas State University Film Festival in San Marcos. Here's the details:

For those that weren't able to make it to the SxSW film festival for the showings of Bryan's (Chafin) "Jumping Off Bridges" (and those that want to see it again), you have one last opportunity before it moves on to other states' film festivals. Texas State University Film Festival (San Marcos) - April 20th - 21st - The entire festival is free. Here are the details: Friday, April 21st: Jumping Off Bridges: 8:00pm - 10:00pm, Alkek Theater (free), Q&A to Follow with Filmmakers & Bryan. The theater seats 300-400 people. Pass the word to those you feel might be interested.

Looks like more trouble brewing in Northern Ireland. And thank you Eliot Spitzer for going after adware and spyware.

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