Thursday, April 06, 2006

COM: Blogarithmic #115

Today is Sonny Eckhart's, Lauren Patterson's and Jeff Scott's birthday!

Cody Gage has the film itch again and writes that he'll be posting a crew/cast call soon. Pay attention here for that. Meanwhile he's every bit the hardcore mother he claims to be, and his early films were stunning. As i said, pay attention. More info to come.

Claire has posted a hilarious story about bowling at Clarified Chaos.

John Trudell is a man whose life has been one of intense activism and tragedy. He is a force. And his art is among those that truly move me, sometimes in ways i don't understand. A documentary on his life played in Austin last weekend, but i was occupied and missed it. I will be looking for it though. Anyway,

Went to see Bryce Milligan of Wings Press read at last night's Schreiner University Coffeehouse. It was also slam night and i emceed that for Kathleen. Also read one of Sam Skeist's pieces in his honor, and my Hum of High Wires. Got to see Chris O'Quinn there, and two guys i haven't seen in forever -- Alex McIntosh and Aaron Grant. Greg Greer and Fortified provided some fine tunes, and Crystal Beth won the slam.

Later saw Aaron at Pampell's too, where i went to see Stringdancer, and ended up chatting with a bunch of folks i'd just met at SU. Dawn Layer was one of those, and through one of those miraculous small-world kind of things, we discovered we were from the same neck of the woods about the same time, and that she knew my cousins James, Jerry and Gene. In fact by the time we were done, i gathered she knew them better than i did. She also knew Scott Helwig, one of my favorite players from Tivy. He's lawyering in Dallas.

Josh Murley, from Someone Like You (that i'm racing to finish a review of), played for a while too. I could listen to him all day. Checked out SLY's website (i had found their MySpace earlier in the week) and note that in their short time together they've already played quite a few local gigs, but a standout in the list was a night at the White Rabbit in SA. That place ranks as one of my favorite spaces of all time, though i haven't been there in a few years, and understand it has changed some.

Anyway, i promise the reviews are coming, it's just been a busy week.

Boerne and Churchill are still in the playoffs. Go Brandon! His team, Churchill, beat Lee 2-1 in OT and next plays Brownsville Pace in the regional semis tomorrow at 4 at Blossom. Boerne and New Braunfels play Friday in the regional 4A final at Smithson Valley at 7.

Speaking tomorrow to Marie Cearley's Senior English classes at Ingram Tom Moore High School on slam, hip-hop and writing. Probably attending the regional one-act play comp in Wimberley on Saturday. Editing Sunday.

What to do if there are snakes on the plane.

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