Friday, April 07, 2006

COM: Blogarithmic #116

Meggie Nidever is in need of a published poem that directly addresses Roe v Wade. It's for performance at UIL Regionals (that means she won District by the way!). If you know of one, put a note in comments, or drop me an email.

Mark Standing Eagle Baez, a friend from his Texas days, continues to produce new songs in a range of styles. He's a powwow drummer and Eagle Dancer, but he's branched out into blues territory. Give him a listen on his page at AcidPlanet here.

Daniel Morgan is getting ready to host Circus of the Spineless over at his blog Get Busy Livin' or Get Busy Bloggin'. You can find his first announcement here. So get busy submittin'!.

Saw Lilies of the Field last night. Good production by Playhouse2000 at the Cailloux Theatre. Clifton Fifer was magnificent, and his singing is in the knock-dead zone. Also especially enjoyed performances by Karl Bajoris, his best role and performance to date. Mac Anderson always hits his character on the head, Joan Bryson's delivery makes her the perfect Mother Superior. And i always enjoy performances by Ellen Bitkower and Phil Kuhlmann, even if their stage time is short-lived. Jeff Cunnigham's direction was very sensitive, much better than some things on the recent Cailloux stage. He clearly has a feel for keeping the audience engaged. Overall pretty good, but there were some over-the-top characterizations and dialects, and some serious sound issues that distracted from the play. More extensive review later at milkriverreviews.

Both Lilies of the Field at Playhouse2000 and Lone Star & Laundry and Bourbon at The Point close this weekend. All worth seeing if you haven't had a chance.

The Point announced casts for The Magician's Nephew and The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas this summer. And A Streetcar Named Desire auditions are tomorrow.

Miss Wulla Jean, Chorus - Dianne Wade; Jewel - Ruthie Schmuck; Mona Stangley - Nancy Reagan; Melvin P Thorpe - Ridge Floyd; Sheriff Ad Earl - Ryan Batley; Mayor Rufus Poindexter, Chorus - Graydon Vaught; Edsel Makey - T.B.A; Doatsey Mae - Ann Reynolds; T.V Announcer - T.B.A; Senator Wingwoah - TBA, Governor - Mac Anderson; Mona’s Girls: Kay Steadham, Jorden Wade, Kirsten Cavazos, Tara Michele Franzen, Madelyn Beaudoin, Kristen Sandlin, Shana Baldwin, Sarah Tomlin; Aggies: Garrett Whitten, Irec Hargrove, Charles Bryant, Josh O’Brien, Travis Taylor, Vladimir Merritt, Wes Bourland; Townspeople and Chorus: Ann Merkel, Lindsey Morris, Tammi Clanton

Uncle Andrew - Brian Bondy; Aunt Letty - Louise Leahy; Polly - Lindsey Pate; Diggory - Mark West; Queen Jadis - Pam Frierson; Aslan - Gerard MacCrossan; Bird #1 - Nicole Moody; Bird #2 - Megan Bingham; Bird #3 - Genie Iness; Monkey #1 - Jesse Griffiths; Monkey #2 - Thomas Stacey; Monkey #3 - Derek Brown; Rabbit #1 - Erin Bondy; Rabbit #2 - Sloan Frierson; Rabbit #3 - Sydney Erickson; Bear #1 - Brian Griffiths; Bear #2 - Chris Thomas; Bear #3 - Justin Griffiths; White stag - Caleb Brown; Diggory's Mom - Deanna Pate; Fox - Danielle Moody; Turtle - Ashley Moser; Gecko - Emily Hensley; Charn Forces: Bell Guardian - Sean Reedus; Charn Soldiers - Sedrick Franklin, Rudy Castillo; Queen's Forces: Queen's Soldiers - Paige Smith, Candace Martinez; Darkness - Jeff Widener; Blight - Jordan Widener; Bull - Daniel Morrow; Serpent - Ben Hicks; Rat #1 - Austin Bratton; Rat #2 - Antonia MacCrossan; Rat #3 - Dalton Bratton; Boar - Levi Conley; Jackel - Jonathan Ramirez; Wolf - Kaleigh Flowers; Badger - Keoni Thomas; Sorceress - Cassandra Reedus; Elementals: Lord of Earth - Joe Homer; Earth Elementals - Justin Griffiths, Dustin Ficker; King of Fire - Phil Kuhlman; Fire Elementals - Du John Smith, Mikaela Lewis; Queen of Water - Twila Henderson; Water Elementals - Hannah Taylor, Sarah White; Queen of Air - Elizabeth Homer; Air Elementals - Kirsten Fergusen, McKinsey Lowrance

Here's a map where you can follow the migration of Monarchs, courtesy of state invertebrate specialist Mike Quinn.

Soccer tonight! One-act Play comp tomorrow!

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