Thursday, April 20, 2006

COM: Blogarithmic #121

Sorry for not posting most of the week: we had a server modem blow up Monday and it took forever to get service restored here, plus i've been crazy busy. We're having a Rio Vista Fam Weekend coming up so that's occupied me. Then there's the ridiculous weather -- 99 degrees here Tuesday, followed by a front line that evening that blotted out the town with roaring dust, and a couple of drops of rain. Despite all the thunder i counted exactly 17 drops of water on my jeep, which then were turned into 17 beads of grit in the dust-storm. Today we had about 20 minutes of fairly decent rain while surrounded by tornado warnings (which have now frittered out, but radar shows that it might have hit Laity Lodge and Lost Maples areas).

Put together the 12th Anthology of The Locker Room Writers & Thinkers Workshop this week -- Bittersweet Symphony -- which features works by Lillian Beaudoin, Meggie Nidever and Amanda Givens.

Director John Ruth has announced the cast for the September 14-30 production of Tennessee Williams' A Streetcar Named Desire. The cast, in order of their appearance on the stage, will be: Eunice Hubble - Louise Leahy; Blanche DuBois - Ann Reynolds; Stella Kowalski - Sarah Tacey; Stanley Kowalski - Leaman Valentine; Harold Mitchell (Mitch) - Jerry Mertz; Pablo Gonzales - Kyle Andrews; Young Collector - Garrett Whitten; Mexican Woman - Joan Bryson; Nurse - Ruthie Schmuck; and Doctor - George Stieren. "To use a New Orleans expression, I am 'jazzed' about having such a marvelous cast with which to work," John said. "Everything about this production, from the stunning set design and costumes to the skilled assembly of actors, promises to make for a memorable evening of Hill Country theatre. The heat, the passion, the tragedy -- all the elements that are the Williams masterpiece, A Streetcar Named Desire -- will be at The Point in September."

A cool link: Dance - A journal of information and inspiration to accompany the student, performer and the choreographer in their endeavors.

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