Tuesday, May 09, 2006

COM: Blogarithmic #125

Some notes from a comment left on another post:

"Liked your website and weblog, I am also a soccer fan and folk music fan, I won't miss the next Kerrville Festival! Wanted to let u know of our tournament so you can spread the word out. We have 18 teams representing 18 countries or groups of countries. IOn the teams you can find national team legends (Deering for USA, Etcheverry, Melgar for Bolivia, Silas for Brazil, etc) and Dallas Sidekicks and Dallas Burn legends (Soñora for Argentina, Roderick Scott and Zarco Rodriguez for the Rest of the World) Check it out, is a lot of fun. We start next week at Jesuit High School from May 12 to May 21. -- Duncan Ogan"

Looks worth checking out, with my boy Chad Deering and all, but i won't be able to make it . . . perhaps some others can!

Clare is at it again!

From Denice Franke: Good news - You might remember that back in September I was invited by NanciGriffith to be a part of a benefit to raise funds for a film project documentingthe history of Anderson Fair. The date was cancelled due to Hurricane Rita.Well, it has been rescheduled for June 16 & 17 at Anderson Fair in Houston, TX!I will be Nanci's special guest on both nights. It should be a lot of fun andit's for a great cause. For more information about the performances and the filmor to order tickets, go to www.andersonfair.com.

After about ten days at the new job, i'm still swamped -- redesigning the website, completed a CD jacket reprint for the reissue of the HCYR CD Broken Wings Can Fly, rescued a Blue-winged Teal caught in a cattleguard, rescued and released a Blotched Water Snake destined for shovel death, and am now undergoing some new certification training.

Tomorrow doing the last of my scheduled kid's programs for the season at Laity Lodge for Sterling City and Robert E. Lee schools. I've been doing their campouts now for about 12 years i think.

Thursday and Friday nights the ITM Theatre Classes will be putting on some comedy one-acts at Warrior Theatre. Check it out, there's some funny stuff going on there.

Missed Brian Crabb and Matt Willis and crew at Schreiner's Waiting for Godot last weekend. I really wanted to see that show, and from the sound of it things went well.

The Death of Trendy Web Designs

The Lyle Lovett Wikipedia entry, and the new Lyric Wiki for him . . .

And, of course, the master LyricWiki

Cool animated Nickelodeons and stuff . . .

The current Hill Country Youth Ranch (where i now work) website that i am redesigning as we speak, sorta . . .

NativeGatherings.com lists hundreds of Native American events including concerts, seminars, conferences, sporting events, and more.

Hand Drum Workshop Marion, KY

Oklahoma Gourd Dance Club June 2-4Elgin, OK

The Renaissance of the Native American Flute Workshop June 17-24Arlee, MT

Aboriginals and the Canadian Military: past, present, future June 21Kingston, Ontario

More to come, have been saving up a lot of links and news . . .

best, tg

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