Thursday, May 18, 2006

COM: Blogarithmic #126

Some cool, if obvious, hints from the Digital Phtography School.

Cooler -- 101 versions of Stairway to Heaven, including an Australian yodeled version.

Been in training, and putting in 18 hour days the last couple of weeks, another couple to go. Will post when time allows. Some cool stuff going on though. Took Roy's boys skiiing last week, jhave about completed initial versions of faunal and floral checklist for both the Hill Country Youth Ranch and Big Springs Ranch for Children, watched a Red-shouldered Hawk rob a Green Heron nest much to the dismay of the parents. watched a great Talent Show at ITM and laughed myself silly at the Theatre Departments night of one-acts, etc., etc. Hope to have more notes up soon.

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