Saturday, June 10, 2006

COM: Blogarithmic #127

Been fortunate to see some great old friends in the last few days, mostly as the camp season has started here. Saw Clay Archer, Mark Fickman, Brady Farr, Brandon Blair, John Baumann (and met two of his friends), Michael Hawkins and Matt Day. It was mighty good to see them all. Camp seems to be going really well. Saw Eron Kammer, proud new dad, also. His boy's name is K.C.

Argentina 2, Cote D'Ivoire 1!
England 1, Paraguay 0
Triniidad & Tobago 0, Sweden 0!
Ecuador 2, Poland 0
Germany 4, Costa Rica 2

Cheryl Johnson sent me these cool pics from a Thai zoo. The tiger was raised by a pig itself.

Put out the first print edition of my HCYR Checklist, but already have located a winter list of birds i was unaware of, and discovered that the property actually fronts the Johnson Creek Fork of the Guadalupe River, so tomorrow i'll be scouting that out and undoubtedly adding a ton of new records.

Next weekend i plan to start my first survey of the Real County property with 7500 acres of Hill Country on the headwaters of the Frio River!

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