Wednesday, June 28, 2006

COM: Blogarithmic #131

There's a couple of big Blog Carnivals gearing up! First, you might want to take a look at a new one -- MC is putting together a neuroscience carnival

Then, those of you who have an invertebrate fetish like i do, may want to get in on the next edition of the monthly Circus of the Spineless which in short order has turned out to be one of the most contributed to, word-spread-about, best read carnivals on the net. This next edition is at Science and Sensibility, based out of New Zealand. You can submit posts and photo-posts to David if you'd like, but in any case go visit this weekend for some exciting writing.

And of course, a personal favorite, I and The Bird, via this note from originator Mike Bergin at 10,000 Birds:

Patrick Belardo of The Hawk Owls' Nest must have international taste in sports, because he's served up a World Cup-themed I and the Bird #26. Play ball, or whatever they say in soccer . . . the next edition of I and the Bird marks the first anniversary of our happy carnival, a year of collective bird blogging greatness. To mark this milestone, I'm hosting the first themed edition of IATB. To participate, send me a link to a post you've written addressing at least one of these three burning questions: Why do you blog? Why do you bird? Why do you blog about birds? This special edition is intended as a celebration of the amazing aggregate talent encapsulated in our last 26 installments and is therefore only open to previous participants. Also, only posts on why you blog, bird, or blog about birds will be included in this edition. I and the Bird #27 will appear on these pages on July 6, so get those links to me by Tuesday, July 4. I really hope to hear from each and every one of the nearly 150 contributors from the last year of IATB, but if you don't find this theme engaging or haven't participated yet but really want to be a part of this beautiful collaboration, just wait for a couple of weeks. We're kicking off Year Two in style with Katie of Bogbumper taking the reins of IATB #28 on July 20. If you haven't hosted yet, be advised that we've got a few summer slots still open!

Looks to be a big music weekend. Greg Bitkower and Still Here is playing their usual gig at Chili's in Kerrville, 8-11 Saturday June 24.

And check out local phenom (on his way to Texas Tech!) Casey Hubble:
"Casey Hubble Live at Cafe Riverstone"
Saturday, June 24 at 9:00pm

The Uptown Arts Alliance in Marble Falls is hosting another big party this weekend with Tex Thomas:

Tex Thomas and His Danglin' Wranglers
Saturday, June 24; Showtime 7:30 p.m.; Doors open 6:30 p.m.; Tickets $10
Advance tickets at the R Bar, 904 3rd Street, Marble Falls
For more information or to purchase tickets online, visit

"Tex Thomas and His Danglin’ Wranglers are back together again and what a treat it is. Take some original Texas Rock, throw in a trombone and a mandolin, add Tex's take on life and you've got a great evening of entertainment. Once known for having the best band in Austin, they made a big mark on the Austin music scene at Hut’s on 6th Street, where they played every Sunday for ten years. More often than not, the crowd was shoulder-to-shoulder. They have been playing at Guero’s in Austin every first Sunday of the month for over five years now. The Danglin’ Wranglers are truly an all-star band of musicians who enjoy successful careers in and out of this group. Trombonist, Jon Blondell, who can hear a song one time and chart it, is responsible for the band’s arrangements. Keyboardist, Danny Levin, Asleep at the Wheel alumnus, showcased his talents at the Uptown Marble during the Bluebonnet Blues Festival on the “Pianorama” show. Barry “Frosty” Frost was formerly drummer for Rare Earth and Lee Michaels. Eric Hokkanen, a Finn from Florida, known as the “Texas Tornado” for his high octane playing, joins in on guitar and mandolin. They are the Dangling Wranglers and they have what it takes to grab people’s attention. Most of us fluctuate between riding the wave and hanging ten, but as always, when these guys are hanging ten, you don’t want to miss it. Tex is back, and so are his Danglin’ Wranglers."

And i got recently turned on to the Eric Tessmer Band out of Austin. Hot! If you're in that Stevie Ray, Derek Trucks, Jonny Lang, Los Lonely Boys groove you migth wanna check 'em out at

And finally in this line of doling out the dish, word is that Leon Russell will be here at our recording studio this weekend . . . will let you know how that turns out . . .

Okay, anything can happen, even among the big boys at the big dance. However, i expected to do better than pick only five winners of the eight quarterfinal games. And i could make a few excuses -- i called the Ukraine-Swiss game a potential draw, but picked the Swiss, wrongly it turns out; i picked Spain over France but again acknowledged the levelness of the impending duel, still i picked wrongly; and finally i acknowledged that Portugal is the team that has, more than any other, seemed to have the Dutch's number lately, and yet i not only picked the Dutch, but picked them, mostly out of homerism to go all the way. The end result is that leaves my final four, two rounds away, in shambles. So you can go back and look if you want at my picks the rest of the way, but to keep me interested, and with a new slate, i'm going to pick again. I'll stay with my previous picks where there are no changes, but am going to alter the bracket as necessary to reflect the new teams.

Germany over Argentina
Italy over Ukraine
Portugal over England
Brazil over France

Germany over Italy
Portugal over Brazil

Germany over Portugal

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