Friday, June 30, 2006

COM: Blogarithmic #132

Went to feed the Llama yesterday and when i turned to leave i noticed something a bit odd across the way in the barn. Checked it out and found the critter below. While there is a corral outside that the adults use, it's a long way around to an open door. I don't know if mom dropped this guy off in there or if he found his way in on his own. Later when i went to check on it, and found it still there near dusk, i turned again to check on the llama, heard a doe bleat, and watched the youngster jump up and take off around the corner and straight out the door, almost like it was used to the place. It's very possible it's been bedded down there before, because in that spot i could easily have missed it.

Two bits of news on the media front. I'm working on providing some of my footage to Animal Planet for a show they are putting together on dragonfly migration. And Charles Lawrence wrote me to ask if he could use another of my songs. He used It's All Right on his debut CD.

Yep. Under the folding chairs we keep in the barn for just such an occasion!

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